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new stuff for sale!

my etsy shop has had a sad little existence. and that’s okay. i’m not in this for the money.

making button rings for myself is fun so that i can have inexpensive accessories for my outfits. but when people started asking me if i sold them, it got me thinking.

and now i’m torn.

crafting is a hobby. not a job. i have one of those. 4 actually. being a shop owner just isn’t something i want to focus on. i work all day. i’m a mommy and a wife and a house cleaner. i DO NOT want to feel obligated to make things. creativity can’t be forced and i don’t want it to become another thing i have to do.

but on the other hand, i have all these supplies and i can only make so many for myself. so i’ve decided to share them with you!

and here we are. a handful of new rings and earrings are for sale on etsy now! and until the end of june, shipping is only $1…that’s pretty awesome right?

here are the new little loves i’ve put up…more coming soon!








and feel free to email me if you have any questions!

chat atcha later!

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