retrohipmama style: apparently i shop at walmart more than i realized

just a little bit of cuteness to share with you.

the shirt is from walmart and the jeans are about to have a decade anniversary. they used to be flares but i turned them into skinnies. earrings are handmade by r.h.i. jewelry and are perfect with this top (and so many others i have)! and the big zit on my face are compliments of a cheez-it binge the weekend before.


a before and after of my work outfit, turned errands-on-a-super-hot-afternoon outfit.
these shorts are so cute and comfortable…and guess what???…got ’em at walmart.



friday was a dressy day at work so i opted for pin curls and a roll. we had a party to attend that night so it would be a good style for later too.


that’s all folks…hope you felt beautiful in whatever you wore!


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