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laptop bag: diy

my laptop bag is Boring…with a capital B. matt bought it for me when i get my new job almost 4 years ago because i was fortunate enough to get a laptop. the strap fasteners have been wacky lately and one of them is even rubber banded on so it stays on.

i’ve toyed with the idea of buying a cute handmade one but then decided to try making my own. i have leftover fabric from a small project and it would be enough. but i needed to find the right style and the pattern. after i searched for a few days, i found this via pinterest.

Scalloped laptop bag.

the design was exactly what i was looking for. i didn’t want to deal with zippers and the flap was cute. the written instructions were so clear and easy to understand. then after scrolling down toward the end i noticed there was a video tutorial. ARE YOU KIDDING ME???? this is exactly what i needed. i can make things better when i see it done versus reading written instructions or poorly executed drawings.

this chick’s tutorial was AMAZING!

i knew i’d be using this fabric and so i had to figure out which print i wanted on each part of the bag, since she used all one fabric on the outside. the bias tape and button are from my gram’s sewing stash. she certainly had good taste in color schemes!


after all the measuring and cutting, i had pretty thick layers. i was so nervous at this point.


but it turned out pretty amazing!!!!




there is room for the laptop and the charger. i never carry anything else in it but i could fit my iPad in one of the sections if i needed to.



* next time i make one, which i will, i will alter the following things.

1) i will double up on the fabric for the strap plus i will use useable-fuseable so that it’s stiffer and more sturdy.

2) i will make the bag wider inside. i’d really like it to be more like 3 inches wide so i can fit more in it. this pattern makes a slim bag and i have an older laptop that takes up more room.

3) i should have added the button and elastic tie to the front flap.

but other than these minor changes, this pattern and tutorial were the prefect combination.

whatcha think?



8 thoughts on “laptop bag: diy”

  1. AHHHH! It turned out so freakin great!!! I love the style of it and the fabric you chose is awesome!!! Thanks for posting it! Will be trying eventually 😉


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