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goals: one little word style

oh my, is it really july? the flipping of the new year feels like it was just yesterday. or maybe it really was 6 months ago. ya know what? it was. it really was and i’m not going to say that time just flew by. that isn’t what was supposed to happen. i was supposed to ENJOY the days…each one. and i did, i really think i did.

so what did i accomplish? and what about those new years goals? oh me? i didn’t make them because i have learned over the years that i never follow through and then what’s the point. it just feels like a waste of time to say i’m going to exercise and eat right and blah blah blah when i know in two months i’m going to be guzzling hot chocolate and pumpkin pie like it’s the only thing keeping me alive.

but one little word? that i can handle. it encompasses so much. so many possibilities. yet again, what have i done with it? honestly, not much here on the blog. but in my real and everyday life, i have enjoyed all the potty training and the whining and the questions about puberty. it’s the journey that i ENJOY. the stuff that makes our life unique.

but other than photos of the things i’ve tried to capture, what do i have to show for myself and this one little 5-letter word? nothing really. a post here and a post there. i’ve written the word on my post-it board at work and i’ve decorated wooden letters in my house. that’s all really.

i kinda need more. this is not a typical nesting time for me; summer. i’m usually crafting or basking in the sun. but i’m kinda feeling the need for something tangible. something to do. something with intention.

then this happened. and i appreciate God’s timing in these little things…

let me set the stage…i joined twitter (groan) so i could follow @shereadstruth (inspiring). stumbled upon @elsieblaha (swoon) because of this tweet.


hmmmm, goal setting, you say? it’s like she was saying, “try it, try it and you may. try it and you may, i say.”

when i clicked on the link to this blog post…my mind went in a million places when i saw her picture.


eeeeek, her word for the year and monthly goals in picture form. ohmygoodness i NEED to do this! and He totally knew it.

so i snapped my pic and added a list of all the things i have on my mind for the month.

ENJOY july

bike rides (more more more). fruits + veggies (many more and more often). the treadmill (i have shows on my iPad that i can watch while i walk or run. there is no excuse). summer movies (matt and i are excited about the dark knight and others!). the busyness (the middle to end of july is getting packed with driving and camping and summer camp and school prep. i shall enjoy!). work life (it’s a slow(er) time at the office and this allows me to rethink and reorganize my priorities). date nights (we have at least one planned for sure). making shop stuff (i’ve been motivated to take my etsy shop more seriously. we’ll see how that goes). surrendering (i’m doing a 21 day bible study from #shereadstruth and shereadstruth.com . i’m a tough sell usually, but i feel the need to open up more, to Him and to the Word. i will ENJOY this even if it makes me vulnerable.). some alone time (if i need to nap, i will nap. if i want to scrap, i will scrap. just want to really do what my heart wants to do when alone time presents itself instead of wasting it.).

so there’s my july goal list. ready and waiting for me to ENJOY. today, marking the first day of the final six months of the year, i will ride my bike and eat fruits + veggies. check it!

have you set, failed or accomplished any of your goals? please tell me i’m not alone here!



2 thoughts on “goals: one little word style”

  1. First thing is WOW WOW WOW, so happppy your sharing this!! TOTALLY LOVE LOVE THIS IDEA!!

    Second, your not alone my friend, count me in on not reaching out to my OLW enough this year.

    I have made some changes, like you I’ve wanted to feel GOD more and know about his word, so we have been going to church since April. Guess what, I love it and look forward to this time each Sunday. The kids come with me and 2 of the 3 love it also. We are bummed to be missing it next Sunday due to us going camping. It has given me a peace of mind but there is still a lot for me to learn on this matter. Good luck with yours and so happy your reaching outt his way also.

    The other change is my art which you know was very new to me in the beginning of the year, I’ve done pretty well at not giving up and am still trying to learn what my style is. For now though it’s just about getting messy and enjoying COLOR!!

    I’ve slipped off the walking/jog routine I had, very upset by this and hoping to start fresh again tomorrow. Need to get more fit and be more healthy. I want to eat better to but I tell you what the fruits/veggies at the store are not that good lately and I dont’ want to waste money on food that won’t get eatern. Still working on all this.

    Now the big part of my word has to do with Family. long story on that let’s just say we need to work hard and more on this. Hoping the new found faith is going to help me on this one.

    So that’s mostly where I am at this point. I like that we still have lots of time to work on our OLW and make some BIG THINGS HAPPEN, I need to shake things up a bit here I guess.

    Thanks so much for sharing this!! So where is your picture now, did you put it somewhere to remind you of these goals??? How did you write on it??

    By the way I think your pretty good on the eating, I’ve seen your foods and man alive girl you eat some yummy fresh homemade meals so remember it’s all in the balance. My super healthy cousin says she uses the 80/20 rule and I think that applies to you. I on the other hand have been ice cream and making brownies almost weekly and candy. I’m hoping my hubby will help break me of these habits.

    Sending you good luck wishes, warm hugs, and blessings for knowing you and how inspiring you are!!

    Dawn xo

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