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week 26 wrap up

we’re just gonna jump right in today…

monday | june 25:

a quick trip to the park for some running and sliding.




tuesday | june 26:

basketball boys. i love when matt texts me pics of their adventures!


wednesday | june 27:

so…i joined twitter. i know i’m super late to the party, but fashionably late. so don’t forget to follow me @retrohipmama (i’ll totally follow you back!) if you are a fellow twit. i have no idea if that’s the right terminology or not. hopefully you’re not offended. πŸ˜‰


i did it for this: the shereadstruth bible studies. available on the youversion app, they @ and # all over twitter and i wanted to be involved. so far, i am loving the 21 day “living a surrendered life” study. they have a blog too if you’re looking…

and they have these cool lock screen photos for free!


today’s #lunchis: turkey and cheddar roll ups, raw veggies and a glass of cherry coke. if you’re on instagram, #lunchis is a hashtag that kristymakes came up with to celebrate her quiet and consistent lunchtime routine. follow along and then tag your lunch photos…it’s fun and there are a lot of good ideas!

#lunchis turkey/cheddar roll ups, veggies and (hang my head in shame) a glass of cherry coke.

bathroom is today’s #photoadayjune. i decided on this shot because listening to the radio is one of the most important things i do in the morning. if i’m in the mood for music, it’s always the oldies station. if i want to be informed, it’s conservative talk radio. but no matter what, it wakes me up and gets my morning started.

june 27: bathroom (old radio that I listen to when I'm getting ready. It's either oldies or talk radio.) #photoadayjune #photoaday #camera+

this is mario. he wears the hat (even in the tub), says “mama-media” (his was of saying mama-mia), “blip-blips” fireballs at an imaginary bowser, plays mario bros on the wii, and right now, is watching other people play mario bros on youtube. i know my little marshall is in there somewhere.

he's been wearing this hat for a week (like all hours of the day) and is blipping fireballs at us and talking with an Italian accent. #alterego

thursday | june 28:

today’s #photoadayjune is on the shelf.Β so much to choose from in my house since we use a lot of shelving. i snapped pictures of DVDs, books, puzzles, hats…but this one stood out. i was soooo happy to have found blue flowers at michael’s a while back and i just love this color combo.

june 28: on the shelf (blue flowers do exist and anything looks awesome in a coke bottle.) #photoadayjune #photoaday #camera+

friday | june 29:

matt took the boys to the park again today.


gibson’s last day of comedic acting. this is his impression of walter, the old dummy due in jeff dunham’s comedy acts.


the kids showing us what they learned in class. improv style. pretending to be a machine that puts the wrappers on crayons. this is really funny folks. i guess you had to be there.


matt and i went to a friend’s house (and met some really awesome new friends!) with gibson and marsh had a sleepover with his best bud!


saturday | june 30:

#lunchis not-you-boring-tuna-sandwich. instead of mayo, i use avocado in my tuna, then seasoned with sea salt, pepper and dill. i tossed on some sliced cherry tomatoes and enjoyed the heck out of it! i also had white peaches on the side and a few sips of raspberry lemonade.

today, #lunchis tuna + avocado + tomato sandwich with white peaches and raspberry lemonade.

after a somewhat lazy day, i was really wanting to binge snack. so i decided to do something that required both hands, thus working on a project and NOT snacking mindlessly. it kept me busy until dinner.

trying not to snack, therefore, I shall stitch!

unfortunately, i caved when gibson wanted to buy us thrifty’s ice cream. he paid and the three of us indulged. me? mint n’ chip on a cone. i’m not very proud of myself. but gibson sure is cute!


this pretty much ended our night. besides doing a major clean up of the front yard, cleaning up a mess of ants that found their way to a chip under the couch and some pool fun out back, we just hung the heck out. matt, on the other hand, did a couple hours of exercise while i napped and played on the iPad.

all-in-all…a super week! hoping to do more summery activities this week. any suggestions?




6 thoughts on “week 26 wrap up”

  1. still loving your week end reviews! love that you are continuing to play along with the lunch is! getting great ideas from your lunches! they are so fresh & summery!! πŸ™‚ love that your boys have such animated personalities. gibson with his acting & marshall with his mario impersonation! πŸ™‚

  2. These posts always makes me happy, love seeing your cute boys. The pictures all look good and happy times. Those lunches are so yummy, I eat either a sandwich or soup most days, that’s it. I keep it simple so as not to gain weight, do need to add more veggies/fruit though. Love that Matt was in here, you need to get more pics of him, even if you have to sneak them in, lol

    Thanks for sharing with us!

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