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lazy ‘lladas: a recipe + product review

easy meals are essential in my house. i have a small kitchen and don’t want to spend a lot of time in it. plus i work and need to cook fast with enough for lunch leftovers.

which makes my investment of the pampered chef deep covered baker a wise purchase, even if it was $45. it has paid off in so many ways. i chose the 9″ round baker for two reasons: 1) my microwave is kinda small and 2) the larger one was $85 and i couldn’t afford that. i have zero regrets about getting this size.

it was my bestie, tawnya (pampered chef consultant and vegan blogger), who peaked my interest. she used their products religiously but had just recently started selling it herself. during her debut party, she demonstrated an easy mexican style dish that BLEW MY MIND! since tawnya has been a vegetarian for a couple years and just recently made the move to full on vegan, her recipe didn’t have any meat in it. it’s versatile this way and is amazing with or without any meat.

below is my version of her original dish, lazy ‘lladas. this is a recipe for 2 larger servings. my hubby and kids don’t eat this dish so if your family would, just double the recipe.


9″ round deep covered baker by pampered chef
2-3 small corn tortillas
3/4 – 1lb of either ground turkey or chicken (it’s amazing with either)
1/2 can of black beans
1/2 can of seasoned diced tomatoes (i like the mexican one or the garlic and green chili)
1/4 can of corn niblets
shredded cheddar cheese
seasonings like: minced onions, emeril’s essence, garlic salt, pepper, chipotle or chili seasoning or even taco seasoning)


brown and season your meat. i used ground turkey so i could use the other portion for another meal.


these are the seasonings i used but get creative and do whatever you want.


layer the baker with a tort.


then pour in the tomatoes, beans and corn.


layer on half the meat and a good sprinkle of cheese. feel free to season here again as well since the seasoning from the meat can’t really get everywhere, don’t be afraid of flavor.


duplicate that layering again. sometimes i only do one layer depending on how many leftovers i want.


put on the lid and put in the microwave for 6 minutes. that’s not a typo…you read that right. check it, and if you doubled the recipe or added a layer, consider adding a couple minutes. i had to add one minute to mine.


this is the yummiest and quickest meal that’s packed full of protein. top it with diced avocado and it’s even healthier!


if you’re looking for a super piece of cookware that will make cooking and cleanup a breeze…consider the deep covered baker from the pampered chef. you can order online anytime! oh and did you know you can make a meatloaf in this thing in 20 minutes? uh…yeah. you can.


have a swell day!


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