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flashback friday: things my kids won’t experience like i did

haha times have changed


times have changed, we all know that.
the pendulum has swung so far left that we can’t see the destruction it’s done to our kids.
i’ve been wondering lately, how these losses effect how my kids are growing up.
what are they missing out on?
what skills won’t they pick up because technology does it for them?
what does society say isn’t acceptable for kids anymore?

it’s a small list, but it’s enough to make me think twice about some things i let my kids do. i want them to experience things so they know. and knowing…is half the battle.

fairs and carnivals: we remember the delight. the colors. the excitement. but my eyes only see carnies and dirt and fried foods and mass amounts of people. are they missing out? on what? we used to roam the fairs alone until it was time to meet back up with the folks. i can’t even imagine doing that.

driving alone with a friend who just got their license: maybe this is for the better but i can remember the freedom and responsibility of this turning point among my friends and i. we didn’t abuse it, but the liberation was unmatched.

the order of songs on an album: i still know the track listing of foo fighters the color and the shape and the beastie boys license to ill. because we had to listen to the tape, (and then thankfully) the CD from front to back. these kids have EVERY. SINGLE. SONG. available to them and really don’t need to listen to the whole album. maybe they never will. it’s kinda sad to see that part of music making not getting the recognition it once had.

and on that note…

going to the record store: there is much to be said for having a list of music you want to buy and only having enough for a few CDs and flipping through the endless rows of new and old music and that feeling of ripping off that plastic and tape strip to pop that little disc into your car stereo. so much. when i close my eyes, i can still smell and feel it.

waiting until a show airs on tv to watch it: don’t get me wrong, DVRs make my life sooooo easy! but long gone are the days when shows were only on at certain times and if your parent’s took too long dilly-dallying at the grocery store and you missed the first 20 minutes of 90210, boy…you had to wait until the next day of school to find out what happened. you couldn’t just play it, you couldn’t look it up on youtube and you couldn’t call your friend…it was too late. 😉

sharing a room: i never shared a room with my siblings. but i always wanted to. i know, i’m weird and should have been grateful for the solitude. my brothers always shared a room and for their bond, i was always jealous. my kids are too far apart for it to make sense but in some ways, i wish they knew that nighttime chit-chat and bantering and that sense of comradery.

learning how to navigate social situations without a keyboard: my foot and my mouth were best buds when i was in school. many times i had girls wanting to “talk to me after school” because i said something stupid or someone took something i said in the wrong way. i learned how to swim around in that big sea and when it was over, it was over. it wasn’t on someone’s facebook wall or saved in a text. friends were real and you played with them.

what are some things your kids are missing out on because of the times we live in?



3 thoughts on “flashback friday: things my kids won’t experience like i did”

  1. Andrea, love love this post!! These are good ones and I’m all for bringing back things we had in the past. Will come back to this later and post mine.
    p.s. these things bother me also, the world we live in is so different now and you know me, I’m not one for changes.

    1. I knew you’d like this post…hey I bet you could make a whole post on your blog about your kids! I know how we are both lovers of the past!

      Sent from my iPad

  2. isnt it crazy that when we were kids we could leave our parents for the night and then meet back up with them. I too can not see that happening now. times have changed, and its a little disheartening! I love the cd one, it is a shame that kids, hey even adults now wont buy the entire album. I still go out and buy the CD b/c I like having them. Good post, makes ya think!

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