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week 29 – 30 wrap up

because i like you guys so much, i’m giving you another double weekly wrap up!

week 29

what a weird week. gibson left for a week long camping trip with my parents on sunday and monday through wednesday just wasn’t the same at home. honestly, i was in a bit of a funk without him. he does something to this house. brings the energy up, even if it is annoying at times. i was really missing that. and so i guess i avoided taking pictures, subconsciously, because when thursday rolled around i noticed i had hardly anything for the week. ugh. what a funk.

but after i recognized what it was, i was able to move on, enjoy my time with marsh and matt, knowing i would see him on sunday. easier said than done. 🙂

also, #photoadayjuly has gotten away from me and so some of these pics are taken before or after the actual day but they are cool, just the same. so i hope you’re not confused.

thursday | july 19:

super tired after work and just needed to rest. so marsh played mariokart and i relaxed.

tagged by @byaimeeski : what am I doing right now? laying down while marsh plays mariokart. do needed that little rest after work today. now I'm tagging @kristymakes @__andrea @tastone @mustache_mama @reginawhitefoto

a photo taken of a butterfly that landed on gibson from the weekend before.
July 19: insect #photoadayjuly

friday | july 20:

#photoadayjuly: eyes. they get me every time. so much depth.july 20: eyes #photoadayjuly

saturday | july 21:

seriously, the feet? mmm. and how in the world can he sit like that? i’m still amazed.

ladies night…and it’s been a long time coming! tonight we celebrated the birthdays of two of my favorite girls ever and got to spend good quality time with two new friends, another one who i adore, watched a reserved friend get her groove on all night long. this was before all the drunkenness began…then we took lots of pictures of dancing and drinking. hey, a girl’s got to let loose sometimes right?

vintage hair and red lips help.
all dolled up for girl's night out last saturday! had a blast...of course!

one of my best girls snapped this one of us after dinner. i still love it even tho the quality sucks. it was right at 9 o’clock so it was perfect for #photoadayjuly!
July 21: 9:00 with @heathermoss (for super fun girls night) #photoadayjuly

sunday | july 22:

so what does a girl do early in the morning after a night out until after 2am? she gets up before 8am and drives 2 hours to spend the day with her parents and kids on an amazing campground so she can leave marsh for a few days and bring the gibber home. thankfully i was feeling good enough to make this drive…it was a very late night and i drank a ton of water on the way.
Over the river and through the woods, to abuelo and nonni's campsite we go!

i was so happy to have my gibson back! and he was obviously very excited to see me too…i love how we can both play for the camera!I got my Gibber back! Can't you tell how excited he is to see me?

my parents love camping with the kids…they really enjoyed all their time with gibson!

and after some time on the beach, marsh just wanted to snuggle.

week 30

monday | july 23:

DARK. KNIGHT. RISES. in IMAX. kinda awesome. and yes, i love superhero/comic movies. chick flicks just aren’t my thing (unless they are old ones that i grew up on) and rom/coms are just too sleazy for me these days.
so can i tell you something that i’m totally not ashamed of? cool. so the previews before the movie were more exciting that the movie itself!
uhhhh, the expendables 2? YES, please! i’ll have a willis, statham and hemsworth sandwich with a side of stallone, thanks!
a new superman movie? heck yes!
and a new bond flick with my fave guy daniel craig? DOUBLE YUMMY YES!

batman was good, yes. enjoyed it thoroughly. and this is what we saw when we came out of the theater. kinda cool right? the perfectly shaped crescent moon above the twinkling town lights. no words.


and for today’s #photoadayjuly, the mirror while we were driving to the theater was the perfect pic.

tuesday | july 24:

so gibson is at science camp this week. it’s a dept. of defense youth program that runs for kids entering middle school. when they aren’t designing, building, fabricating, calculating and testing their handmade rockets, they get to play on the flight simulators. could this kid be having more fun?


wednesday | july 25:

well……only if there was a huge water gun fight on the next day of camp! war paint and all, he had a BLAST!


and was so tired that he spent the rest of the day like this.

so i made a good dinner. salmon, brocolli and a creamy avocado pasta (found on pinterest)

i also got my marsh-man back today! abuelo and nonni drove him all the way home and he hugged and loved on me like he hadn’t seen me in a month! oh i missed him so…and was soooo happy to have him back!

oh…did i mention this was also my first day of vacation? yeah baby…i’m off work for 13 days! woohoo!

thursday | july 26:

taking advantage of early morning runs at the park.

marsh and i picked up gibson from camp today and marsh got to see the boys do the flight sims. i hope this program is still running when marsh is old enough. 🙂


we were supposed to go bowling after camp but gibson was tired again. i would be too, they have done lots of experiments and rocket math and calculations and metric olympics. wow!

friday | july 27:

another early morning run…god i love running in the mornings. it’s gonna suck when i have to go back to work and go back to running in the evenings. oh well…running outside is great regardless of the time. i’m a lucky girl.


today is the last day of camp so we need to be at STARBASE early to watch all the kids launch their rockets!


that’s gibson’s rocket! it went 364 feet in the air! his nose cone (which was where the parachute was attached) came apart mid-flight so the rocket didn’t have a graceful landing…but it flew and that’s what mattered!

the sun was blazing but you can see the trails from gibson’s rocket.

the smiles this kid has can brighten up even the sunniest days.

and what better excuse for chick-fil-a then a full week of sciencey things?
and i usually don’t give my personal opinion on such news items that the media deems to be controversial but here’s my take on the whole thing…this is america. a business and its owner can believe whatever he wants to believe and if it really bothers anyone, they can choose not to patronize there. i support conservative christian values but good lord people, there are so many other issues to spend time agonizing over. plus, chick-fil-a is freaking delicious! eat mor chikin.

and while waiting in the drive thru, i got this gorgeous shot of gibson’s hat.


but he was nice enough to let me take a good pic of him. he really is a handsome dude.

after we ate it was time to tackle the school clothes and supplies. because yes, it’s the dead middle of summer but we start school in just over 2 weeks. what’s most awesome is that we bought all supplies for marsh, some for gibson and all of their clothes and shoes for a total of $250! we stuck with graphic tees at target for both boys, a few pairs of plaid shorts and sport shorts for gibson plus we had kohl’s cash and got gibson a pair of vans for $0!!! yahooooo! oh and check out marshall’s first school backpack! mario of course!

as tired as we all were, i needed gibson to clean his room. it was an absolute disaster and i wasn’t going to have him start the new school year in such a mess. so the two of us worked for a couple hours and it made a huge difference. he even asked for his loft situation back so we moved his bed back on top and gave him an area underneath for his gaming and online time.

all his old clothes got a spot in a goodwill box to make room for only stuff he will wear.
pssssst….this photo was taken on monday 7/30, not the 27th. but i was behind on my photo a days and this was a cool pic. it’s a sign that i know and love, and i call it the 8 mile stretch. it’s about an hour to my folks’ house from home and this sign represents the last leg of the drive. a sign i grew up passing so many times. i guess i’ve always liked knowing what to expect, and with this sign, i know that my parent’s house, the house i grew up in, is near, and that’s a darn good feeling.

but today’s journey was not for a parental visit. the boys and i had to drive there to pick up cricut cartridges. yes, lame, i know. but i needed them for a project and she had them all. hey, we ended up getting starbucks breakfast sandwiches and banana bread out of it. sooooo…..yum!

saturday | july 28:

yesterday when we were cleaning gibson’s room, he made a big decision. he asked me to take all his legos out of his room and give them to marshall. WHAT? WHOA? are you sure? he was very sure. and i was happy and sad at the same time.

it’s sortof a perfect time.
gibson is about to be 11. he’s been building and creating with legos since he was 4. he’s had his time. marshall has been increasingly interested in gibson’s legos as well. for gibson to hand them down with no reservations makes my heart happy (and my wallet). these suckers are expensive! and when gibson’s collection consists of two HUGE bins + two medium bins….there’s a lot of money invested here.


i got all the non-lego stuff out of the bins and helped clean up and organize marshall’s room this morning, leaving him with a medium-ish bin, 2 bases and a sheet (for easy clean-up). just enough for him to enjoy. oh, and i walked in on gibson, in marshall’s room, building legos, by himself later that day. LOL!


dinner plans with my girl tawnya, and her bff from san diego. yummy salad, thin crust pizza and greek fries made for a yummy night. strawberry margaritas made for an even yummier evening as we watched the sun set over the river.


for the #photoadayjuly cup, i had to show off my new tumbler from target.


sunday | july 29:

could be called the laziest day of my existence. i stayed in my room all day, binging on junk food and watching the olympics. waiting for gymnastics but being stuck with mostly swimming.


by the end of the night, when the boys should have been winding down, they were jumping and wrestling all over the bed. boys will be boys.

so there it is. 2 weeks of our life. in photos + words. i do kinda love this process of talking about the most important pics from the week.

hope you’re capturing something good!



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