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week 31 wrap up + a birthday

by the time you read this, i’ll be back at work. catching up after 13 days of vacation. i had a lot more planned in my head but wasn’t able to do everything on my list. but we still had fun.

monday | june 30:

i played name that treat on instagram and facebook…it’s an IT’S IT! the best ice cream treat. by far. hands down. no lie. for reals.


finally a calm night to watch the olympics. my fave event is gymnastics and it’s been super exciting for both men and women!


tuesday | june 31:

a quick trip to chick-fil-a for dinner.
did i say chick-fil-a again? oh dear. now that we have one in town, i sure get to eat there a lot. do you hear me complaining? (crickets chirping) i didn’t think so. 🙂

so anyways, he loves his new mariokart shirt so i snapped a quick pic.


marsh and gib are playing in the silly mirror.


testing out the lighting for a self-pic to record my goals, i asked for a little assistance.


and i should not be shocked that i ended up with this. 🙂


just feeling like the calendar is pretty darn full right now. i go back to work on monday and school starts the following monday and there’s just so much to do in between it all. thankfully we have this calendar, plus i keep all these dates in my phone and invite matt to the places he needs to be. it works great!


wednesday | july 1:

date night! we found that my favorite restaurant in napa has a restaurant closer to us! same owners, same menu. oh. yeah. dawg.


we took advantage of the free night and shopped for gibson’s birthday presents. then we saw a beautiful full moon but of course, the phone camera never captures it properly.


thursday | july 2:

an early morning trek up to the tennis courts. i’ve had a racket for a couple years now, with all intentions of playing regularly. so matt got a racket too so we can play together! it was my first time. 🙂

marshall enjoyed the water fountain.


seriously…he’s adorable.


gibson was our ball boy and we had a blast!

#runamileinmyshoes was more like tennis but still an amazing workout! so happy to finally be using our nearby courts. oh and an extra special shout-out to @gibson for being our ballboy.

we promised marsh we would stop at the park (just a few steps up the hill) so he could play.

since gibson had a workout too, he was tired. but really impressed me when i asked him if i could take some pics of him. i swear, he look so grown up and he’s only about to be 11. i absolutely adore this photo. it shown off his style right now, perfectly. hat up. graphic tee. sport shorts. black crew socks. vans. boss.


just the 4 of us, heading home.


having our usual breakfast. this is always what i have after i run in the mornings. egg and spinach scramble, a fruit smoothie and water. marsh is having oatmeal because he needs it.


i’m pretty sure i napped somewhere in here.

moving on to early evening.

habit burger just opened up in town too ( i swear people don’t want me to leave this town), so we popped over for dinner.



it’s a gummy treat that is stacked like a burger. he thinks it’s a krabby patty.


he is so boss. dang he’s cute.


enjoyed a leftover cookie from chick-fil-a. oh good lord these are amazing.

don't mind if I do. thanks chick-fil-a!

later, while racing marshall to the tub, he looked back at me and grazed his head on the corner of the wall. i mean whacked! see that purple lump? yeah, got him good…stupid wall. it swelled up so fast but with a little tylenol, it was feelin’ fine the next day. he only has a little scrape now. but man-o-man was he wailing. poor little dude.


friday |  july 3:

repainting my nails out back while it was still cool and marsh wanted to join me. okay sweetie, come on up.


needing SOMETHING to do to get out of the heat and the house, i took the boys, and two neighbor boys, bowling. our bowling alley has $1 games for kids during the summer weekdays. it was the perfect friday afternoon for some fun.


saturday | august 4:

today, gibson turns 11. and we have tricks up our sleeves.

but first, sad news. as we were getting ready to leave for the park, gibson checked on albert, who would have normally been hitting the wheel by now. albert didn’t move when gibson stroked his back as he lay in his sleeping den. poor albert, and poor gibson. a kid’s birthday is an awful day for his hamster to pass away. he cried. i cried. marshall hugged him and told him it would be okay. matt took care of albert, shoe-box style and reminded gibson that he did everything right as a pet owner. still sad and terrible timing. 😦  but gibson shook it off and enjoyed the rest of his day. here’s how it went:

we walked up to the park to try to catch a court, but they were all filled. after some time at the park, matt and gib went to play basketball while marsh and i walked home to setup for gibson’s treasure hunt.

when he came home, there was a card taped to the door. in it was $20 and his first clue.



unfortunately, i planned these clues days ago and the place of his first gift, albert’s cage. slapping forehead. doh!



after 3 clues and a small gift at each of them, he found his big gift in the washing machine.
a cell phone. he very first cell phone.
turning 11 and starting middle school, we figured it was time to give him some more responsibility. he’s earned it. now let’s see if he can keep from losing it or getting it taken away at school.




my first of many text conversations with him.

first of many text conversations with Gibson, he got a phone for his birthday! happy bday to the gibber!

of course he woke up to his birthday banner, he loved it!


all i wanted to do was get a picture of him for my parents. they like to get a pic of the kids holding up their age with their fingers and because it’s gibson, i got all this…..


but finally got this. sometimes it’s worth the wait.


a post from today while i worked on project life.


the clouds rolled in today and are just getting thicker. i can deal with 80 after a week of 100+.


before we cooked gibson’s birthday dinner, i had to run off those rolo minis. i love my running park. minus the soccer activity on the weekends, it’s perfect. and look at this view while i stopped to stretch.

day 15 #runamileinmyshoes | short little run but the clouds and breeze made it amazing.

and when gibson says he wants steak and shrimp…that’s what the boy gets. marinated ribeye and sauteed shrimp. it was soooo good!


then chocolate cake with chocolate frosting. thankfully i don’t care for this kind of cake so i won’t have to worry about eating it.


making a wish.


blowing out the candles.


sure does look good tho.


so that’s about it folks, i know it was long. thanks for sticking around until the end.



1 thought on “week 31 wrap up + a birthday”

  1. Hi Andrea,
    Sorry took me so long to get here, busy summer days!!

    First thing, I’m sooooo sorry to hear about Albert, how awful on Gibson’s birthday. It made me tear up just seeing this. We all cried at the kid’s hamster’s dying also. I let them each get another one and then they died quicker this time, NO MORE HAMSTERS FOR US!!

    HOORY FOR THE BIRTHDAY BOY!!! Wow I remember last year’s 10th bday for him. The year has gone by fast, HOORAY FOR THE BANNER AGAIN. WOW WOW WOW A TREASURE HUNT IS COOL, WOW A CELL PHONE, YOU ARE A COOL AND NICE MAMA TO HIM. I told Sam after the headaches with the girls having their cells he will get one in 8th grade or even high school. Love the texts with him and you.

    What a beatuiful place to run at, go GIRL!!
    I need to come eat your place and live in your town, everything is always so good there, must be the Cali sunshine!!

    Love the pictures and peeks, thanks for sharing!!

    p.s. my oldest just got that BOSS shirt from her BOSS, she loves it. Gibson dresses so cool just like his mama!

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