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take12 – august

it’s the sunday before school starts and there’s a ton to do. perfect day for a take12.

9am: organizing gibson’s supplies and backpack. making sure he has everything he needs for all 6 classes. middle school. wow.


10am: cleaning his room is next. since albert passed away, gibson decided he didn’t want to replace him. thus leaving his desk available for schoolwork. but we’ve got crevices to clean first.

11am: he’s worked hard and finally gets some computer time.

12pm: marshall loves stacking dominoes lately.


1pm: finally some scrap time for me. excited to use all my new stuff!

#take12 / 1pm / time to get my scrap on

2pm: hall & oates always makes for good scrappin’ tunes.


3pm: i am sooo ready for football that i’m taking in all the preseason games i can.


4pm: set the boy up with his own youtube account so he can make and watch minecraft videos.


5pm: we haven’t had dinner yet but i let the boys have otter pops. because it’s still crazy hot out.


6pm: speaking of hot, it’s 6pm and still 101*. in.sanity.


7pm: lots of laundry to fold and put away so our first week of school starts out organized. oh and btw, i totally rocked it and got everything done!


8pm: time to relax with the leftover strawberry blonde ice cream from yesterday.

and, that’s 12 hours of a sunday at our house.



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