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week 35 wrap up

hey, howdy, hi!
welcome to another week of my regular, everyday life.

monday | august 27:

today’s breakfast, lunch and snacks.
strawberries and fat free cool whip + english muffin w/ peanut butter
roast beef + provolone + mustard on wheat and cottage cheese + tomatoes and onions
sour cream + onion chips, an apple and peanut clusters

i ate well today!


enjoying the sunshine pouring through the sunroof.


marshall’s new hide-a-way is at the foot of my bed, with all the covers down there with him to make his special bed.

tuesday | august 28:

love notes from one of my brokers is always a great way to start my day.IMG_6731

i’ll have two boxes of peaches, two boxes of pears, and a marshall-man, please.

caramel apple: before

caramel apple: afterIMG_6757

me and the gibber
i can finally run again after a few days with back issues. a run at sunset is a good way to get back in the game.

kids are in bed and i’m ready to get my draft on! yes, i’m a girl and i play fantasy football. yes, i am a girl and i am commissioner of an all girls fantasy football league. yes, i am a girl and i know a thing or two about football. yes, i am a girl and i know that the regular season starts in two days!

wednesday | august 29:

my daddy called me earlier but i was out getting marshall’s hair cut and running errands. i texted him so he didn’t feel like chopped liver and this is what i get back from him. could i ask for a better, more loving and sweet papi? i think not.


a stop a chick-fil-a because who wants to cook at 7 o’clock on a wednesday night?

tonight is also gibson’s first ever draft. he’s in a league with some of his buddies. he’s so excited that we both have aaron rodgers!

thursday | august 30:

he’s so darn handsome after a fresh cut.

he’s also handsome with fresh ink.

just a convo with tawnya. the sarcasm run thick with us. 


friday | august 31:

he got down and dirty with his crayons tonight.IMG_6840

saturday | september 1:

waking up to sunshine.


okay, sooooo….august didn’t go so well with a photo a day. hoping september goes a little better. so far, i’m 1 for 3.

sept 1: me, now #fmsphotoaday

today is canning day! and the first time canning peaches without my mama. thankful for all the years of canning with my mom and gram, this feels so natural to me.Untitled



today also starts the september edition of 30 days of lists. it’s a challenge for us crazy list people. i decided to join at the last minute when i thought i could keep it simple with just handwriting and doodling. this makes it fun when i don’t feel like i have to create a masterpiece with every list.

sept one: i’m a lister because…
#30lists --- day 1: I'm a lister because...


sunday | september 2:

sept two of #30lists is goals. 
#30lists --- day 2: goals for this month

marsh did some writing too. i tried all summer to teach him to hold his pencil correctly and i’m thankful that school is helping him too. he wanted to write the alphabet so i wrote all the letters out for him and he wrote them all out, by looking at them, on another piece of paper.

pretty awesome, right?

after naptime, we hung out with family at a huge multi-birthday celebration. a cool kid let marshall play his guitar and he took to it like a pro. he even gave marshall his pick! 
Guitar man


then it was a lot of dirt flinging…


and wrestling…


after the kids looked like they had been pray tanned (from all the dirt and sweat), we headed home. thankful for being off work today and having an extra day to clean the floors and do some blogging for the week.

hope you enjoyed your long weekend too!


4 thoughts on “week 35 wrap up”

  1. Great photos this week!! Hooray for being up to date on them, so cool!! That food in the first photo is awesome, way to go on packing it all up for work. Does Gibson pack or buy for lunch?? What does he like? Sam is hard to feed, doesn’t like much and what he does is just snack stuff, uugggg….

    Love the one of you and ths sunshine thru the sunroof. Great job canning on your own, your mama and grandma will be proud of you!! So glad you joined the 30 days list and you should have fun no stress and NO MASTERPIECE!! Love your doodles.

    Great day of playing in the dirt, bet a bath/shower was needed after all that fun!!

    I really should try to do these photo a day prompts, looks fun!

    Thanks for sharing and posting so fast, great way to end my Sunday! HUGS!

    1. Hey Dawn! Gibson is easy to feed, Matt packs his lunch everyday. Marshall on the other hand, the things he will eat could be listed on a sticky note. The tub was nasty with dirt last night! Hahaha! Yes!!!! Save the prompt list to your phone so you can refer to it and then take pics! It’s fun, even if you skip days here and there.

      Andrea Gray [Sent from my iPhone]

  2. Forgot to mention GO GO GO on your football pool!! Rich just signed up and we are hoping to win #1 this time. Love that you enjoy football!!

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