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week 36 wrap up

football is on and company is on their way so i’m keeping this short today! =)

monday | september 3:

it’s labor day and i did zero laboring. i did doodle, watch reruns of who’ the boss?, and pretty much veg and eat myself into a coma. that’s why the remote feels so far away. pure laziness.Untitled

i dodled this little diddy for day 3 of 30 days of lists


tuesday | september 4:

his future is so bright, he should have worn shades.

love my early morning snuggles with marshall. he likes to come hang with me in the bathroom while i get ready for work.Untitled

30 days of lists today is when i need a time out.
#30lists day 4 --- when I need a time out

my view when i hopped in the truck. these are my favorite morning skies.

#fmsphotoaday is in my mailbox. and today, netflix sent us the artist. this movie will be an owner. i LOVED it. the dancing, the clothing, the hair, the fact that it was a silent film, the look and the music.  A M A Z I N G ! see it, you must see it!

wednesday | september 5:

#fmsphotoaday is bright. saw this lovely balloon over the freeway.Untitled

marshall is flying from the coffee table to the couch. can you see his blurry orange shorts? so yeah, we let them jump on the furniture. well, more like, encourage it when there are pictures to be taken. again again!


thursday | september 6:

everyday is today’s #fmsphotoaday. my goal list is what i try to be every day so i thought it was a good pic for the day. when i posted it on instagram and facebook, i got some questions about what it means to ‘be a duck’ so i want to explain. being a duck means letting the water roll off your back and looking calm above water while kicking and paddling like crazy under water to stay afloat. it’s a good way to be 6: every day (my goals board at work) #fmsphotoaday

friday | september 7:

found this on my desk when i got in. tawnya’s first day of vacation. love her and i’m gonna miss her too. thankfully she’s just a text away.


my arm party for the day: elastic star bracelet found at joann’s in the dollar bin (last summer) + new black and silver bangles i found at michael’s (last week)

Today's arm party!

matt and his bff at the giants v. dodger game. they’ve always had rival baseball teams and football teams. but matt didn’t want to start any trouble by wearing his LA hat. bummer.

their view. wow!

so me and the boys went to hang at tawnya’s for the evening. they enjoyed papcorn while we enjoyed adult type beverages.

me and my girls. and who says blondes have more fun?
these ladies are my super rad homies. we work and play together. love them forever.
30 days of lists today is midnight snacks. love my snacks even though i’ve tried to steer clear for a while now.
day seven --- midnight snacks #30lists

saturday | september 8:

gibson is teaching marshall how to play minecraft. marshall knows how to place blocks, plow, build tools and kill chickens for food. i’m just glad they were really enjoying this time together without fighting about something.the big one is teaching the little one how to play #minecraft . lots of learning going on here, about important things such as digging, plowing, building tools and surviving the nighttime. #bigbrolittlebrolove

out my front door. but i had to add the ccr lyrics to it, i couldn’t help but sing eight --- out my front door #30lists

hope your week was picture worthy too. hugs!



1 thought on “week 36 wrap up”

  1. hello there,
    yea for another fun post by you!! First thing I LOOOOOVVVEEEE the sky/clouds photo, SOOOOO COOL!!! Of course your ROCKIN the lists this month, TOTALLY HAPPY YOU ARE DOING THEM AND EACH ONE MAKES ME SMILE!! How sweet is that little Marshman, keep him little and snuggly! How is pre-k going for him? how is middle school?
    Glad you have some great gals there to work and play with, we all need them!
    NO FOOD PHOTOS THIS WEEK,aaahhhh will go thru withdrawl soon so please please post one for me, haha
    Keep doodling and taking pictures my friend you do it so well!! HUGS!

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