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week 37 + 38 wrap up

monday | september 10:

it’s gonna be a busy week. this is my to do list…for today. by mid week, i added another entire page.

today’s #fmsphotoaday is black & white. loving my new 10 #fmsphotoaday | black & white

i am at my best when…..
#30lists --- day ten: i am at my best when...

tuesday | september 11:

look what i found in my laptop when i got to work?Untitled

i think my computer wrote be a love note to make up for the fact that the power source is going dead and i have to find this plug. it ain’t easy.Untitled

wednesday | september 12:

another happy walk to school.

thursday | september 13:

me and my wallet, waiting for breakfast at a local coffee shop.Untitled

the best part about thursdays.Untitled

two of my favorite players.

friday | september 14:

gibson likes to wear my necklace as a beard.Untitled
errands on a friday night with a gorgeous sunset.

saturday | september 15:

on our way to see my parents at their camping spot. fluffy dog needs his shades.Untitled

time to take the kayaks out for a spin.

mom on hersUntitled

matt taking it out.Untitled

but these are the real chariots.

 we’re ready.

let’s get this party started.

mama and papi

these kids went all out in the water fight.

this is no easy task. my legs got a super workout.Untitled

walkin’ the docks. saying goodbye to summer.

nothing wrong with a little sand on your bum.

but there is something wrong with a splinter in my finger. but my daddy worked his magic and got it out.

the ice cream parlor at the nearby lake has THE. LARGEST. ice cream EVER.

mint and chip for me. all the way.

this is a kid’s scoop my friends. 

made it home in time for church and this was the view of the night sky from gibson’s middle school building. i love our church. and this town.

strawberry shortcake. oh yes!Untitled

 and snuggles. he smells so good.

i’m so lame. there are no pics for monday, tuesday or wednesday.

thursday | september 20:

sometimes i get a breakfast burrito at it’s a grind. love this place. i mean, ray charles is on the wall. eric clapton is on the other one. it’s cool.Untitled

this is gibson’s finger stack.

and it’s date night and we love sienna.

because this is mine, all mine.

spot #2 is the theater to see GLENN!!!!

10 minutes until showtime.
ten minutes until Glenn! #glennbeck #unelectable

it’s been so long since we’ve seen him live. even though this was a telecast, it still felt like we were right there in his audience.
Hard to believe it's been 3 years since we were flown to NY and sat in his Manhattan office for a chat and a good cry. He always knows how to tell a story and last night's show was no exception. #glennbeck2012 #glennbeck  #unelectable

friday | september 21:

redoing the boys’ bathroom and this is the inspiration piece.Untitled

saturday | september 22:

our lunch. artichoke and spinach grilled cheese sandwiches. but i added chicken. here’s the original recipe that i found on pinterest.Untitled

and dessert before church.

marshall loves god. and he loves putting stickers on his forehead.

sunday | september 23:

today’s lunch. pizza rolls and cherry coke. don’t judge, football’s on.Untitled


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