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that girl….is a sketchin’ fool

if you’ve been reading my blog for any length of time, you may have heard me talk about not having my crafty mojo. losing it for the summer was rough. i felt lost and out of place.

but i never wanted to force it. i didn’t want to just be crafty because i felt i had to. i wanted to really be inspired and fall in love with what i was doing.

i’d venture to say….that happened.

a couple weeks ago, my good friend kristy from kristymakes  posted about some lettering she had been doing and it got me thinking about all the doodling i have done for 30days of lists and during a lot of my creative moments.

so i went pinning.

anyone who follows me has probably gotten sick of all my doodling, typography, graphic design and sketchy pins lately.

but i was truly and madly inspired to pick up my pencil, eraser and paper….and just draw.

over the course of the last few days, i have designed, sketched and penned 5 illustrations. if i liked a saying i found on pinterest, i just started with fonts that screamed AWESOME and started sketching. it felt so amazing that the moment i finished one, all i could think about was the next one i wanted to work on.

each time i finished one, i couldn’t wait to post it. all the positive feedback and love on instagram and facebook got me thinking. maybe like in field of dreams, if i make it, they will come. so i listed them all in my etsy shop and are selling reproductions, ready for framing and hanging. maybe someone else can have these pretty things in their homes like they will be hanging in mine.

obviously, each one of these sayings has profound meaning to me, and maybe that’s why i would spend hours sketching and erasing and perfecting them all.
major reminder with this one. gotta make the days count.20120922-140843.jpg

being a mommy of two boys, this quote is a reminder for my eldest son to be a good role model for his little bro.

we love the word AWESOME in our house and we all want to be more AWESOME.20120922-140918.jpg

we do LOUD. we do FUN. we do AWESOME. i think that sums it up.

so far, my absolute favorite design. i felt in control and completely creatively free.
so. many. possibilities. 
i'm addicted, it's official. here's another one I finished today and is now for sale in my shop. #iheartsketching #typography #handdrawn

have you ever lost your mojo? your creative spirit? how did you get it back? here’s hoping that this crafty phase last a while, i’m really rockin’ this stuff.



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