vertical name: a craft

everyone knows that pinterest is the place to be for crafty ideas and projects. and since i’ve been a pinnin’ fool lately, i figured i’d better actually DO one of the projects that i’ve pinned.

one that stuck out to me were these stacked letters.

Cardboard/wood letters at Michaels or Joanns - stack them and make a cool vertical word or name. great for lastname is living room, or kids name in bedroom.


wooden letters are no stranger in my house. my love for typography and using letters as a major part of my graphic and modern style makes projects like these super fun!

i have the word EAT in my kitchen, HOME above my front door, and an entire wall dedicated to the alphabet. still missing some letters but i have enjoyed growing the gallery a few letters at a time. since this photo was taken, i added an @ symbol which has turned into my favorite piece.


so i knew this project would be a prefect addition.

here are the supplies you will need:

wooden letters: $3 each at joann’s (it can spell your last name or a kid’s name for their room, or even your favorite word.)
a flat base: $1.29 at joann’s
spray paint: $.96 at walmart
super glue
hammer and nails are optional


start by gluing the last letter to the base. i used a nail to secure it and wasn’t really bothered by the split it caused. it’s hard to see once it’s painted. since i only have four letters, it probably didn’t need it but it made me feel better. 🙂

continue stacking, using a small amount of glue to adhere the letters.

hold in place until it’s sturdy

take outside for painting. i keep a folded up piece of cardboard tucked away in my garage to do all my spray painting on. these letters and base piece are all ready to finish so no sanding or prepping is required. 

i used a primer color so that it contrasts with my white walls and can go along with any color scheme i choose throughout the year. be sure to get all the nooks and crannies and don’t forget to spray underneath each part of the letters too. 

it’s done! i decided to put it on our ledge by the front door so we can see it all the time!Untitled
pardon all the wholes in the wall, didn’t feel like patching them up. this is real life, folks.

a little jam i ran into during the assembly process; the top of the A didn’t have enough real estate for any part of the R to be glued to so i just kinda jammed the A in between the two legs of the R and it stayed. i just glued along the top and bottom where they connected and it was all good!

so happy to be feeling crafty again. i already have another project in line for the weekend, hopefully i can get to it…..

have a great and crafty weekend y’all!


10 thoughts on “vertical name: a craft”

  1. WOW!!! This is awesome, love love it!! Great job explaining on how to do this and what to buy. I have never seen spray paint that cheap at my Walmart, will have to hunt really good next time. I love the little ledge you have, we use to have that at our old house, I miss it.
    This has me inspired to do one too and thinking of doing them with Christmas words.
    Can’t wait to see the next project, WAY TO GO CRAFTY GIRL!!!

  2. Seriously, this is super-cute and I love that you painted it grey! 🙂 Looks great, nice job! I might do something similar for Christmas Decor…thanks for the inspiration.

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