weekly wrap up

week 41 + 42 wrap up

ya know, when i started uploading my pics for the week, i thought i wasn’t going to have much. but not only did i forget to do last week, i had waaaaaay more than i anticipated. all-in-all, a pretty fantastic week!

let’s DO this…

saturday | october 6:

leftovers for lunch today. it’s chicken spaghetti, with rotini and parm.


the belly wrinkles crack me up!

getting marsh from kidsfest, he got to pray after the other little boy who’s praying in this pic. so sweet.

a super fun night with my twi-life girls. we watched breaking dawn part 1 tonight, in preparation for part 2, which comes out next month. we love to stuff out faces with chocolate covered popcorn, cheez-its, brownies, cake pops and margaritas while we make fun of kristen stewart’s acting, laugh at vampire makeup and drool over taylor from the neck down. good times.


sunday | october 7:

love when i can use the rhonna farrer fonts on my iphone pics.


in the spirit of all the mariokart madness going on in preparation for marshall’s party, i found a wallpaper and used it on my phone all week. totally rad, right?

#fmsphotoaday is light. we always have candles lit around here. i used an app mash-up of picfx + camera+.

#fmsphotoaday day 7: light

monday | october 8:

yummy sandwich and raw veggies for lunch


promised little marsh we would hit the park after i got home from work, as long as we were back in time for football. he obliged!

#fmsphotoaday is angle. yeah, it’s a terrible angle to sit at. so i run around with marshall instead.
#fmsphotoaday day 8: angle (aaaaaaand, the most uncomfortable angle to sit at!)

tuesday | october 9:

freshly painted nails, perfectly timed for today’s #fmsphotoaday, red.
#fmsphotoaday day 9: red. coca-cola red to be exact.

never a dull moment when we’re waiting in line at sam’s.

some party prepping…


wednesday | october 10:

buying gibson some new kicks because his toe is busting out of his vans. me and marsh were intrigued by our reflection.

Gibson got some new kicks today....clearly it was time. And I wonder where he gets his bold sense of style....hmmm. I just might steal them....since we wear the same size.

played around with my bangs today…faux betty bangs.

more party prep.
Starting to look like a party in here! #mariokart #supermario

thursday | october 11:

something close up for today’s #fmsphotoaday

#fmsphotoaday day 11: something close-up #buttheydontlooklikecookies

friday | october 12:

i’m off work today so i can finish up getting ready for marsh’s party tonight.

love being able to walk the boys to school. they’re almost at the point where they split up. love being so close to both schools.


errands. cupcakes. yum.

awww, the happy birthday boy!

for all the birthday deets, check out this post.


while cleaning up earlier in the day, i found this. apparently we still have a scribbler. thank god for 409.
#fmsphotoaday day 12: on the table (apparently we still have a scribbler in our house.)

saturday | october 13:

#fmsphotoaday: landscape.

these are the back roads of my hometown. i learned to drive out here, discovered secret roads and got lost out here. the landscape right now is barren. crops are being weeded out. i hope this never changes.


taking the boys to my folks so we can attend a wedding tonight. my mom had a birthday treasure hunt waiting for him when he arrived!




me and my stud.

me and all my dudes. kinda love these guys.

such a pretty evening!


my folks took the boys to the pumpkin patch and marshall turned into a dog. such a good little puppy!

sunday | october 14:

got to enjoy some alone time on sunday morning before my parent’s brought the boys home. when marsh got home, he had all of his gifts from us waiting to open. this kid had an entire birthday weekend!! but hey, he’s only turning 5 once!


love how excited he got about all of his mario legos.

he’s totally into sonic too and somehow this picture ended up on my ipad. hmmmm…

and now it’s facebook official…he’s 5 and i gave him a birth minute kiss!

monday | october 15:

early morning sunrise as i pulled out of the drive.


today was marshall’s very first field trip with his jr. k class. 

our local pumpkin patch had pigs and pumpkins and kids…oh my!

and a hay ride!!


awwww, my sweet little pumpkin. so glad i have such a flexible work life that i could come along and capture all these moments. kinda love this stuff.

tuesday | october 16:

texted this pic to my parents today. this song always makes me think of the time my sis and i wore my daddy’s cowboys hats and dang this to them with aluminum microphones.


a new app on the iPad has marshall enjoying his letters even more. letter school is only a few bucks and teaches little ones the proper way to write each letter. it’s super fun!
#fmsphotoaday day 16: something he wrote on a new app #letterschool

wednesday | october 17:

it’s a smoothie night, after a good run!


as seen on facebook…

soon followed by this posted on my wall by my very hilarious hubby

thursday | october 18:

watching football tonight. matt grilled t-bones. and hilarity ensued.



then awesomeness happened. in the form of a pumpkin pie.

crummy pic…but for me, it’s all about the crust.

saturday | october 20:

matt is editing today and my folks will be leaving again soon so me and the boys are taking the hour drive to spend the day with them.


hot air ballons overhead as we drove.

lunch at our favorite mexican joint. my daddy used to take me here after school some days and it was always a special treat. the burritos haven’t changed. still made with thick homemade tortillas and all the juicy goodness that runs down your fingers toward the end.


then super-gibby showed up.

he was cool enough to pose for some shots. that wall was beckoning.


he's lucky I let him drink #pepsi.

ready to head home for the day and marshall is all set. he’s got his ds, his thomas stickers and the m&m’s my dad bought him. ready to roll.Untitled

church tonight was a great confirmation of the path we’re back on.

it’s gonna be a great day of football tomorrow…

sunday | october 21:

i’m so darn spoiled. matt took off before i was even out of bed and showed up with a yummy starbucks breakfast. iced tea, banana bread and a breakfast sandwich….so good!!

hubby left early to get me a yummy breakfast sandwich, banana bread and a huge iced tea! #helikesme

watching the packers put the smack down on the rams while organizing all my upcoming project life stuff. i made a pocket for each month, this way when i have a receipt or art project or piece of something to include into my album, i will know what month it happened in.

oh…and the packers beat the rams…BOOM!

hope you had a good couple of weeks too!


2 thoughts on “week 41 + 42 wrap up”

  1. oh my gosh you guys are so cute!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! can’t wait to take your photos! and I just loved the mario party! I might have to steal the idea. LOL

    1. awww, thanks jana! it helps that the boys have such fun personalities too!!! i can’t wait either…we have so many fun places to shoot here, rivers, bridges, train tracks….woot!
      you can steal the mariokart party for sure, let me know if you need more tips…it was a blast!!

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