weekly wrap up

week 43 wrap up

it’s absolutely unbelievable that there are less than 10 weeks left of 2012!

and even more unbelievable that i have successfully posted about all 42 weeks thus far.

i tend to drop out of lengthy projects like this…something about getting bored and losing interest.

but having the fat mum slim photo a day challenge has kept me photo centered and picture conscience all year.

life is busy and i’m taking less time to create things lately. but i will always have pictures and something to say about them…

…and this week is no exception.

sunday | october 21:

battening down the hatches for our first official rain storm of the season. cushions in, pillows in, cords in. i think we’re good.

and the only other productive thing i did today was this…

monday | october 22:
as posted on facebook

a great morning rain and a break after work allowed us to run some errands.



#fmsphotoaday today is in my town. today in my town the wind was high, the sun was bursting through the thick clouds and the ground wasn’t sure if it was wet or dry.
#fmsphotoaday day 22: in my town

a busy phone day leaves me almost empty at bedtime.

tuesday | october 23:

this is how my day will be until 4pm. emails, applications, emails, responses, cookies, post-its, files, click-clicks, emails.Untitled

wednesday | october 24:

lunch today = tuna + avocado with crackers plus cherry tomatoes and green beans. yes, i love my green beans cold, crisp and raw. yum!


the weather today is cold and cloudy. the rain is gone. 😦Untitled

today begins #30daysofthanks on instagram and facebook. for day 1, i am thankful for music and the freedom to listen to whatever i choose. bob and his harmonica are the perfect sound for today.
thankful for being able to listen to whatever music i want. it soothes my soul and keeps me sane. #30daysofthanks #bobdylan #spotify

thursday | october 25:

***profanity alert***

this lovely gem showed up on my facebook wall and i totally shared and saved it. this is exactly how i felt at work today…couldn’t have been more perfect!

took the boys to chick-fil-a for dinner and while marshall played, gibson made spinners.

day 2 of #30daysofthanks is spending time with gibson tonight at dinner.
#30daysofthanks day 2: thankful for time with gibson tonight. good talks about school, spinners and staying focused. so proud of this kid.

tv watchin’ with matt tonight…

friday | october 26:

already feeling thankful, day 3.

#30daysofthanks day 3: sometimes, it's the little luxuries...
as posted on facebook…it’s FRI-I-DAY! FRI-I-DAY!

this morning, matt took the boys to my parent’s house so we could have a weekend alone.

we are now on our way to dinner and a show…

dinner at lucille’s is always amazing!!

i could just look at the menu all day. i’d pretty and delicious.

our favorite local band is playing tonight at this super old bar/playhouse. i mean check out this bathroom! oh the little floor tiles, the intricacies in the detailing, the wallpaper. love how they’ve kept the era alive here.  

mean mug.

sound check!
#fmsphotoaday day 26: listening to joe getty and the dead flowers.

saturday | october 27:

because we can’t seem to feed ourselves this morning.Untitled

#30daysofthanks day 4: thankful for breakfast and good old music with my guy. my selection??….the joker by the steve miller band…oh yeah!
#30daysofthanks day 4: thankful for breakfast and good old music with my guy. my selection??....the joker by the steve miller band...oh yeah!

again, the kitchen at our house clearly doesn’t work.

sunday | october 28:

yay, they’re back with us!!!!!


#fmsphotoaday is looking back. i love looking back to see my littles.

that’s that.

that was my week.

how was yours?



1 thought on “week 43 wrap up”

  1. looove the mean mugs. hehehe. you guys are adorable. and only you would make a bathroom mirror photo look amazing. LOL! Love it! so cool.

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