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drea lately

listening to: rockabilly, old and new country, the judds, bob dylan, mumford & sons, the bee gees, the asteroids galaxy tour (the golden age), and church music. you can find all my playlists on spotify if you wanna listen along with me!

watching: downton abbey. [best era show ever. can’t believe it’s already 1920.] parenthood. [i’m new to this show so i have 3+ seasons to catch up on. but it will be worth it! i can relate to soooo much.] pan am. [still working on the last 4 episodes. i just don’t want it to end. sad face.] new girl. [hilarious.] the voice. [better than idol.] two and a half men, mike & molly, big bang, two broke girls. [always.] football. [the season is half over and i been having too much fun watching all the games and rooting for my fantasy players!]

looking forward to: the new james bond movie, skyfall. daniel craig…yum. thanksgiving dinner + football + laziness. prepping crafty things for christmas. breaking dawn part 2 on friday with my girls. sooooo excited! a trip to the snow. a day veture up to apple hill. working on project life this weekend. all the new changes happening at my second bloggy home

eating: peanut clusters. sprouted grain bread. kashi pumpkin spice granola bars. candy corn. strawberries + blackberries. not jalapeno bagels…i think i’m having withdrawls. brown rice, asian chicken + asparagus medley.

drinking: ice water [always, everyday.] iced tea. [every single morning.] when i’m cold and need a warm up, hot chocolate with a splash of french vanilla creamer.

wearing: tube socks + chucks. skinnies + boots. sweaters + belts. pj bottoms + hoodies.

working on: helping to direct gibson into a more school-focused mentality. he is struggling and matt and i are doing everything we can to keep him on track. i worry about him, for several reasons, so i take extra care to be sure he takes care of business, while not doing it for him. i want so much for him and he is so smart. i want us all to be confident and prepared when he is ready to fly on his own.

avoiding: coke. halloween candy. cheddar + saltines.

noticing: marshall being more curious and asking real questions instead of just ‘why’ questions. he’s really thinking about how things work. that i’m happy. people’s gifts. i need

app-loving: yahoo fantasy football: i can update rosters, check standings, watch matchups and research players. spotify: on my iPad and iPhone, i can listen to all my playlists no matter where i am. focus on the family: access to daily broadcasts. letterschool: teaches kids the proper way to write each letter. netflix: love being able to watch tv shows that i’m trying to catch up on. lenslight: a new photo editing app that adds light filters and textures. my insta-friend @reginawhitefoto told me about it. youversion: the best bible app around. i like being able to look up a verse in church with just 3 clicks.

reading: a new blog i found called figuring out 40, #shereadstruth bible study of galatians via and still working on the chaperone by laura moriarty.

missing: my parents. they travel a lot now. like, for months at a time. and i miss crafty time with my mama and face to face chats with my papi. i’m learning that part of cultivating a good life is understanding and accepting that people around me are in different stages of their lives.
also missing babies. oh good lord i see babies everywhere! i want to coo and cuddle and snuggle and call them george. but i do not want to keep them for my very own. so i’m applying to volunteer in the nursery at my church. i think i could handle this, and get in my baby fix.

hating: the political outcome. presidential, propositions, period. sad face.

loving: cooler weather. my political and religious freedoms. snuggles from marshall. when gibson wants to chat. conversations with matt that only include movie and song quotes. saturday night service. that gibson loves bible study and middle school ministries. that gibson and matt are teaching marshall how to play monopoly. when marshall says “aww snap.” that gibson rolls his eyes at me when i talk in “his” language. (like when i say preesh, totes and welks.)

and that’s it folks…that’s me lately.

what have you been lately?



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