hello 4 day workweek // a quiet holiday at the office means i will get a ton done today in preparation for being off on friday.

hello breaking dawn part 2 // and why am i off on friday you might ask? oh yes, to watch a movie of course! my twi-life gals and i always take the day off and hang out for coffee and breakfast, then we see the am showing of twilight and finish the day off with lunch and gabbing about fictional vampires and how we justify loving them so much. it’s quite sad though, that this will be our very last twilight movie together. i see a lot more saturday night re-watches in our future.

hello 3 day weekend // and having friday off, is the prefect way to begin the weekend!

hello new semester // last week, gibson began his 2nd semester of middle school. this week, it’s all about earning his screen time buy completing his work, completely, and getting it turned in on time. i’m ready to help him tackle the disorganization that plagues him.

hello chilly temps // it’s finally starting to feel like winter around here. in northern cali, we see warm temps all through the fall and so i’m super excited about long sleeves, tube socks and hot chocolate.

hello smarter food choices // oh man, i really need to get more strict with myself. period.

hello rolling stones // beast of burden, ruby tuesday, the girl with far away eyes….perfect for this monday morning.


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