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week 45 wrap up

what’s up y’all? we’ve been living life over here, come see what we’ve been up to!

sunday | november 4:

a sweet note from marshall to my parents.

yay, football! this is why god created sundays.#fmsphotoaday day 4: tv. football is on all day, and I can watch my packers thanks to #nflsundayticket

monday | november 5:

a new blog series…to embrace the manic mondays.

homework help, everyday around 5 o’clock.
#fmsphotoaday day 5: 5 o'clock. helping the boy with homework and makeup work. #amomsdayisneverdone

tuesday | november 6:

my favorite shoes.

time to vote.

it’s no secret who i voted for. 

making sure we get our propositions right.

thumbs up for the freedom we have.

marshall and gibson’s order for dinner. love when he plays make-believe.

so tense about the voting results that we played some candyland.

well, i have to say i’m bummed. here’s what i posted to facebook shortly after the election was called.

wednesday | november 7:

honestly, how cute is this? i swear i didn’t make this happy face…it was just there when i went to brush my teeth. i totally needed to see this after the night we had.
tonight, marshall’s homework was to write things he’s thankful for on a yellow construction paper feather. he wrote it all by himself…

but i wrote out the list for him so he could see the words for himself.

gibson has more homework, and some makeup work.

after everyone was done with their work, the boys decided to play monopoly. which meant that marshall was learning on the job. they had so much fun and he really understood it.#30daysofthanks // thankful for how wonderful this 'alone time' is while Matt and Gibson teach Marshall how to play Monopoly in the other room.

this morning, the sun shone brightly in my mirror and i had to snap. #fmsphotoaday day 7: reflection.

thursday | november 8:

so much of this lately.

out with my mama tonight and saw the prettiest sunset behind the rain clouds.Untitled

we ate dinner at our favorite joint. the chips were the saltiest, the guac was the creamiest and the tacos were the tastiest.Yay for time with my mama! Chipotle and then scrapbook shopping!

love my mama!


our next stop was my local scrapbook store which, sadly, is closing their store and moving to an online outfit. i am so bummed because this is the only store within and worthy of the 25 minute drive. i will miss you green tangerines and the happiness you bring when i walk in to see all the shelves full of new lines and colors.

btw, that’s our receipt…what can i say…it was a mad sale!

#30daysofthanks // thankful for special time with my mom before her and daddy take off for 5 months. we ate at our fave place then cleaned out our local scrapbook store before they close their doors. and yes, that's our receipt!

some sweet pics with my mom and the boys before her and daddy take off again for southern cali for the winter. 


friday | november 9:

WOOHOO!!!! this is me doing my happy dance for mini quiches! so my office building provides a free buffet breakfast on fridays and for the last year, the quiches have been m.i.a.

but this week, they were back!!! and now my life is complete.


saturday | november 10:

first off, happy birthday to my sweet and lovely sister. MWAH! xoxo (little known fact: her and i are only 35 days apart. any guesses on how that happened?)
the sweetest thing went down this morning while the boys and i hung out in bed.

7:30 am run with my big dude. he’s a great running partner and keeps me moving when i just want to walk.Untitled

#fmsphotoaday can’t live without. my list is long, but here are a few things.#fmsphotoaday day 10: (just a few of many things) I can't  live without. it was cold, but my new running partner kept it fun!

sunday | november 11:

normally i do 12 on 12 or take12 on the 12th day of the month, but i have found that workdays are difficult to snap hour after hour. so, being the rebel that i am, i decided to do 11 on 11. sundays are the best days and i think today’s theme of laziness was certainly captured.


and there you have it! another week closer to thanksgiving and christmas. i am sooooo ready for this next couple of weeks!


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