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33 of my favorite things

i realize it’s a bit late, but i couldn’t finish my list in time to post on my actual birthday.

so in honor of turning 33 this year, here are 33 of my favorite things right now!


thermal pj bottoms
salted caramel hot chocolate
a new toothbrush
polka dots
red lipstick
brand new men’s tube socks
cheez-it’s + sour cream
the weather
comfortable jeans + chucks
cherry coke
red + turquoise
old cars
that old time rock and roll
a good horn section
the father, the son and the holy spirit
my iPad + iPhone
vintage hair
deep tissue massage
watching my dad fix stuff
iced tea
documenting life
seeing my kids laugh and smile
watching Matt’s movies
superhero movies
fun and random nail designs
watching the boys open presents
quiet time before bed
morning snuggles with the boys
texts with my parents
cranberry champagne

birthdays are awesome, too bad they only come once a year. but thankfully i get to enjoy these things and all my blessings each day.



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