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week 48+49+50 wrap up

what’s up guys?

i do apologize for my lack of posting. it’s a mad mad world out there and the blog just hasn’t been top of my list.

we’ve been busy…lots of work and shopping and christmasing.

hopefully you have something warm to drink, this might take awhile!

week 48

sunday | november 25:

yummy new navy polish. i know it kinda looks black, but in real life….it’s soooo pretty.


monday | november 26:

meow. played with a little eyeliner this morning.

enjoyed a gorgeous sunset run.


thursday | november 29:

i don’t know what it is about this song. something old. something true. something so jivey. is that even a word?
couldn't ❤ this song more.

thanks to guns n roses i ran through the wind and rain. it was all sorts of glorious.
guns n roses + a lotta wind +  a little rain = an awesome run

playing with some rhonna farrer fonts in the phonto app.
born to sparkle, but not like vampires. love my @tastone ! ✨✨

found a new free app called letterfx. kind cool, but a bit too teeny-bopper for me.

my dude. playing around with a new app #LetterFX

friday | november 30:

the clouds are massive today. loving this storm.


saturday | december 1:

snatched this image from pinterest. just thought it was cute.


would you? could you? in the rain?

i did. i ran two miles in the rain.

would you? could you? in the rain? i ran  2 miles  in the rain! #runamileinmyshoes

i pass over this set of old tracks all the time, but today i stopped right on it. simply couldn’t resist. i just want to walk until it ends.


new nails today.

the boys are cracking up at marshall’s video message from santa. if you’ve not seen these, check out portable north pole to create one for your kiddos.


mason jars are even good for hot chocolate.
even hot chocolate tastes better in a mason jar.

saturday night fun with two of my favorite girls!



sunday | december 2:

if i ever wanted to lay on a hammock over a lake, i guess i could do that today. anyone have a canoe?if i ever wanted to lay on a hammock over a lake, i guess i could do that today. anyone have a canoe? #theresalakeinmybackyard #hammocktime


who needs sunshine when there’s football on?
Go GB! And happy birthday to Aaron Rodgers! How's about you throw to Nelson today, m'kay? wanna see a lot of  #nohuddle and #lambeauleap

a bit of the month of november. grid style.


super warm knit hat weather is upon us

sometimes, i totally feel like this.



week 49

monday | december 3:

sitting down with gibson to watch Christmas Vacation and his own name catches his eye. super cool.

Seriously? Just started watching #christmasvacation with Gibson and he noticed his name on santas list! So cool!


it was a beatin’. and it is one more W on my record.
Hey @carmenelaine , sorry about the whoopin' this week. You certainly had me worried. Good luck in the playoffs!


just a little christmas cheer.
dec 3: red #decemberphotoaday

tuesday | december 4:

black and white. probably the only #fmsphotoaday i managed this month.#fmsphotoaday // black + white

feeling kinda sketchy one night and drew this up in honor of all the things my gram loved. still a work in progress and would love this as a tattoo someday.

feels good to get my sketch on tonight. this one is for gram: lace, birds, flowers and music. planning on adding her name in her handwriting from an old letter. #inspired #memorysketch #sketch #handdrawn


playing around with another december photoaday list.

dec 4: joyous #decemberphotoaday


thursday | december 6:

i just loved these trees while on my run!

#fmsphotoaday day 5: looking up


saturday | december 8:

a chilly chilly morning run. 44 degrees felt more like 30, but i’m a woos in the cold.

well that felt good. happy saturday! #runamileinmyshoes


these belong to me now, thank you target.



also belonging to me are these awesome and retro betty bangs. my hairdresser really knows her stuff and lets me do crazy things like this.

new haircuts make me a super happy girl! and yay for #bettybangs


one of our favorite churches in our area did a real christmas experience this year. they decked out their parking lot like a true 1940’s style neighborhood.


a shoe shine stand


chestnuts roasting on an open fire.


super hep cars!

it's an old fashioned christmas experience at #bridgewaychristianchurch

and then we went to our church. this is my view sometimes. thankfully my kid’s number has never flashed on the screen during service.

the santuary is so pretty this christmas. a faux fireplace, lights, trees and candles.

this is the block. where gibson and all his middle school friends have fun after their church services. church was NOT like this when i was a kid. so glad he LOVES it. he’s in the center of this shot, all the way in the back.


sunday | december 9:

this is me. in a dressing room. with no kids. no time constrains. and $200. this is sooooooo happening.


i made a sweet photobook for the grandparents in our life. you can check it out here.

shutterfly photobook http://share.shutterfly.com/action/welcome?sid=8AauWLVy1ZNGST&cid=SFLYOCWIDGET


week 50

monday | december 10:

shopping for some new shoes for the gibber and he’s all smiles.


just trying to let my brain relax before bed.


tuesday | december 11:

ran my fastest mile yet!!



wednesday | december 12:

love it when the setting sun lights up the back of the clouds.



thursday | december 13:

uh oh. this happened.

uh oh. that happened.

and so did yummy bbq for dinner.



friday | december 14:

because my borthday is tomorrow and she loves me. tawnya brought me pink daisies and a salted caramel hot chocolate. she’s pretty super rad.


reason #428 that tawnya’s awesome is that she’s throwing my a party with all my best girls. this is THE ONLY picture from the night that’s going public. yikes!

unfortunately, there’s only half of that bottle of vodka left, and apparently no one else drank it but me. holy hangover batman.
this is happening. because I have awesome friends who are throwing me a party just because I'm turning a year older. #gottalovebirthdays #ihavethebestgirlfriendsever


saturday | december 15:

but thankfully i started feeling better around 2 and was able to pretty myself up for a birthday dinner with matt. we walked around downtown auburn and took some fun pictures before we got to the restaurant.



A chilly walk around downtown. Such a cute town. #weather #sky #instaweather #instaweatherpro #auburn #cold #california

after appetizers and lots of water, our friends surprised me by showing up for dinner and the show. matt finally surprised me!! he had me thinking that none of our friends could make it and little did i know that he was planning the surprise the whole time. what a sneaker!

i was sooo happy to have my friends there! love that us gals and our guys all love to hang out. such good folks!



the band sang me a hilarious birthday song before the show and then invited me on stage to sing one of my favorite songs! the video is here. but let me warn you, it’s not about any singing, just more about dancing and woo-woo-wooing. BEST.BIRTHDAY.EVER.

Eric the Clown with Joe Getty and the Dead Flowers!!! Best. Birthday. Ever.  #rockstar


sunday | december 16:

of course, even though the boys stayed with grama and grampa, i still get up at the crack of dawn.


found a new band today. a little country, a little bluegrass, a little rock & roll. and a lot awesome!


monday | december 17:

this is sooooooo matt and i.


needed to go to the PO today, the line is crazy long. but i used the self-service kiosk thing and will NEVER stand in line again!


running errands tonight and gibson took money from his own wallet to give. sure made him feel good and melted my heart.


after last weekend, this is the last thing i want to see.

he’s hilarious.



it’s official. i’m in the finals!



tuesday | december 18:

got some new flower clips from michael’s and tried them with today’s outfit. cute?



i took a silly little quiz on facebook tonight. truth is, i adore helvetica. it’s the perfect font. fits me perfectly.


thursday | december 20:

an early drive into the valley for a client meeting. i drive with my boss so much that he doesn’t even question my picture taking anymore.


tonight is marshall’s first christmas program. he’s kinda stoked.

hanging with friends!

it’s so cramped in here and people keep getting in my way. i need one of these…STAT.Untitled


they sang frosty and rudolf. as cute as they were, i am glad that i’m not hearing him practice the songs a million times a day.Untitled



tried to get some snapshots of him looking handsome, this is what i got. i’ll take it!


friday | december 21:

today was an insane day at work. lots of end of year and end of month deadlines plus our christmas lunch, plus another client meeting. it’s been an incredibly stressful week full of 11 hour days and being pulled in a hundred directions.

i am thankful for my job but am glad that i got as much done as i could so i can enjoy the next 5 days at home.

this rain is sounding so good tonight. i’m looking forward to a chilled out saturday full of baking, projects, and cleaning. 

i also did my nails tonight with some new nail stickers from jamberry. tawnya got me the red and white houndstooth! it’s super gorgeous!

new nails tonight! majorly infatuated with the red and white houndstooth from #jamberry. thanks @tastone for an awesome xmas gift...love you for knowing me!

so wow, that happened. i am going to capture as much as i can over the next week. wanting to enjoy the family and all the festivities, i won’t be doing another update until next year. i do have a couple posts scheduled but i’m going off the bloggy radar for a bit. looking into how to improve my blog and where i want it to go in twenty-thirteen.

thanks to all my wonderful readers who visit and comment. it’s been a fun year!

merry christmas to you all!!



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