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retrohipmamaSTYLE // new winter threads

hello fashionistas! have you been enjoying the cold winter weather? i certainly have, especially now that i have some new clothes. i love birthdays…clothes money is always on my list and shopping for new threads makes me a happy girl.

with my birthday bucks, i spent some good solid time at kohl’s and here’s a few things i ended up with:


thermal long sleeve in blue with light blue birds.
new jeans. these have a fun story! i went into the dressing room about 4 times with different fits and styles of jeans, planning to walk away with 2 new pair. found the right cut and fit and was ready to pay $40 for them (on sale, which is insane but for jeans that will last 5 years, i’m okay with that.) they rang up at $3.45!!!!!!! i was shocked and so was the cashier. but she decided that the price was correct and i walked away with every piece of clothing i brought up because of the savings on the jeans. they are so perfect and comfortable too….felt super blessed!


red skinny jeans (they even have a little sparkle when you see them up close)
also wearing a black/grey top with boots from target
accessories: coca-cola bottle top ring (made by me) and polka dot flower clip (from michael’s)


this navy polka dot blazer is my favorite piece from my new collection! i went super bold and paired it with a navy and white striped tank underneath.

another thermal henley with a fun throw-back winter graphic. new grey skinny jeans and a pair of flats that matched the shirt perfectly!


my $200 got me so much more but i haven’t taken pics of everything yet. loving all my new options for the cold weather and excited to show more of them!

do you like your winter wardrobe? i learn to love mine again every year!

thanks for hanging out today! happy weekend!





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