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my one little word // twenty13

i used to be a goals and resolutions girl. and a serious one.
i used to make cute little goal charts and fill them with all sorts of fanciful dreams and lofty ideas.
the desires of my heart that i truly wished to accomplish were real, but come march, they were often forgotten about.

alas, the refresh that comes from the changing of the year is a big deal for me. it’s an opportunity to start new, think forward and plan ahead. a time to learn from and leave the prior year. a chance to be ready to embrace all that the new year has in store. preparing myself for god’s plan.

this is why ali edwards’ one little word works for me. picking a word is a bit like setting goals and resolutions but it can stretch so much further. last year, my word was ENJOY and it allowed me to expand my range of actions. instead of the obligatory ‘i will workout’, i could say, ‘i will enjoy running’. for me, it just breathes positivity and action. it also skips right over the running and goes straight to the enjoying. like obviously i’m going to run, so i’d better enjoy it.

and i did enjoy a lot of things in twenty twelve. i really did. i also found that displaying my word and making it part of my everyday life helped me live it.

but i also felt like my word was a bit of a cop-out at times. it didn’t challenge me. it didn’t take me out of my bubble. i mean seriously, if you know me at all, you know that i’m a happy girl who’s pretty much gonna enjoy whatever’s going on. i’m going to be positive and look for the bright side.

so this year, i felt that a stronger and more physical word was what i needed. as of friday, i hadn’t planned on doing olw for twenty thirteen. but as i started seeing the hints and whispers around the blogosphere, i decided to ponder some words and if one fit, i’d roll with it. and if nothing really felt right, i would just stick with a few family goals and be done with it.

as i flitted around the house this morning, a few thoughts flitted with me.
“what’s missing in my life?”
“what do i want to do more of?”
“where do i want to go with this year?”

i think i just want to GO.
i want to get in the car as a family, and just GO somewhere.
i want to GO, i want to DO things.
i want to GO places, DO things and BE happy that we did.

so since i’m a bit of a rebel, i’ve decided that i want to use all three words together. it may not be one word, but they are little words.



i have a super good feeling about these three little words. they’re gonna take us places!




so, do you like to make resolutions or goals? have you toyed with the idea of just a word? check out ali’s post and maybe you’ll be inspired this year. i will be posting pics and inspiration all year on instagram using the hash tag #olw2013 and #onelittleword2013. they will soon be filled with tons of little words. and for more inspiration, i’ve created a board on pinterest, of course.

i hope your twenty twelve was meaningful, enjoyable and full of life.
happy twenty thirteen to you,




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