hello january // i adore this time of year. new calendars, new beginnings, a restart. the name of the month just sounds clean. it breathes new and fresh and beginning. january will be filled with cleanliness. fiscal responsibility. possible opportunities.

hello 2 more days off // what a nice little break i’ve had. it’s like a double weekend!

hello to saying goodbye to being sick // our house had been riddled with sickness since christmas eve. some got it bad, others got it a little. but I think we’re on the mend.

hello project life // with my two extra days off, i’m going to make a huge dent in project life. i accidentally missed almost the entire month of july when i developed pics but i have august and september that i can work on. so many new supplies are itching to be used and i have reorganized my scrapping tools so we shall see if it works.

hello one little word // i am beyond excited about my three little words. go. do. be. i have tons of crafty ideas and have been pinning inspiration like crazy.

hello to less stuff // this year i will embrace being more with having less. getting rid of unused stuff is first on my list. i’m planning on taking a few boxes to goodwill and having a pile on the curb for neighborhood cleanup. i sure miss my mama during these times of purging.

Monday motivation.






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