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nail + string art // faith

a special friend deserves a special gift for christmas.

a handmade gift, of course.

a super cool, one-in-a-million, knew-she-liked-it-’cause-she-pinned-it, made-for-her gift.

so this is what i made for my best girl. love ya t.


supplies i used:

any size raw wood
light sandpaper
embroidery floss


following the directions on the stain, i only used one coat to get the color i wanted.


i used microsoft word to make the word and cross.


lining up the word where i wanted it on the board, i just nailed the paper right to the wood. i hammered a nail to each corner of each letter.


when all the nails are in place, i simply ripped the paper off carefully.


start at a corner and tie off. then use both hands to wrap around and keep the string taut.

i like the look of 2-3 strings per edge.

when you’ve covered all the edges, tie off your string again. it can be on a different nail than the starting point. when i finished all the letters, i cut the leftover strings pretty short and then used a tiny bit of super glue to seal off the knots.



i took some freedoms and went crazy with the cross. going this way and that, but trying to keep it balanced. i went all around the edges first, tied off and then went for the inside.


i’m so thrilled with how it turned out! my goal was to make her cry (in a good way, of course) when she opened it and i got what i wanted!


i have two more boards and plan to make some more for myself. one like this and another with my three little words.


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