weekly wrap up

weekly wrap-up 2013 // week 1+2

happy twenty-thirteen to you!!

it’s a new year but not much has changed here at she’sCRAFTY. we’re still gonna be up to our same shenanigans.

you can still expect helloMONDAY posts and craftiness, helloSTYLE and these weekly wrap-ups.

so let’s get on with it, yah!

tuesday | january 1:

my new iPhone wallpaper from cuptakes. get the app, it’s loaded with tons of wallpapers!


its time for all the christmas stuff to be put away. i sure am gonna miss these little guys.



marshall even helped get the tree back in the box.

got a ton done today, but recovering from the nasty cold bug so i’ve snuggling up for the night.


scored huge on amazon today. they were giving the entire sherlock holmes collection on kindle. oh yes!

wednesday | january 2:

#fmsphotoaday is something new. i am head over heels for my new plaid shirt and ring from old navy!

#fmsphotoaday // jan2: something new. this lumberjack shirt and sparkly ring from #oldnavy. it's grit + glamour!

cutest little guy!


thursday | january 3:

finished my new goals board for my office.

just a few reminders for my work life this year. #onelittleword2013 #olw2013 #goals #go.do.be.

as seen on facebook.


#fmsphotoaday today is heart. this is a true story. after he said it, he melted mine.
...and he melted mine. true story. #fmsphotoaday // jan3 #heart

friday | january 4:

my christmas gift to the boys was just dance 4 for the wii. and we’ve are dancin’ dancin’ dancin’….dancin’ machines.


then i did jillian michaels’ 30 day shred.

saturday | january 5: 

a super breakfast! i love making homemade smoothies. if you’re interested, here’s how i make mine:

1 yoplait light yougurt (i like any strawberry flavor or orange creamsicle or apricot mango)
7-8 frozen strawberries
1 cup or more of frozen mango chunks
a couple splashes of OJ

blend together until smooth. 

girls night out and we ended up playing pool and singing karaoke. we had a FREAKIN blast!



#fmsphotoaday //jan5: movement (it only took 5 chicks and 45 minutes, but we got those balls to move!) @amberlucito

matt posted this on facebook for me. it’s true, sometimes it’s all i need.


sunday | january 6:

marshall loves smurfcakes.


#projectlife365 is a great photo challenge that i’ll be mixing in along with #fmsphotoaday. this challenge is more…well…challenging. it makes me think, makes me look for more in my world. and the inspiration on their facebook page is amazing.

what a looker. he really does make my heart melt.
#fmsphotoaday // jan6: mine

today, while helping gibson clean his room, i noticed he had written this prayer on his desk. there’s no way i can punish him for vandalizing his own desk.
found this written on gibson's desk. it reads 'dear lord I pray tonight that you would remind me that I am your creation no matter what anyone says'. can't really punish him for vandalizing his own desk when he's writing prayers.  #mustbedoingsomethingrig

it’s finally time! i am so in love with everything about this show.
Finally! #downtonabbey

monday | january 7:

every morning.Untitled

tuesday | january 8:

happy birthday to the king.

it will be all Elvis, all day. #theking

such a beautiful sunset on my run tonight.



wednesday | january 9:

a new pizza i came up with tonight. brush evoo, black pepper and minced garlic on the dough and top with chicken, zucchini, spinach, green onions and feta cheese. bake and enjoy. oh man it was goooood!


tonight we officially instilled ‘the contract’. did you see that news story of the woman who made an awesome contract for her kid and his new iPhone? well, it was perfect for us and gibson’s new iPod touch. i modified it to fit our family better and had all of us sign it.
#fmsphotoaday // jan9: paper (we snagged that contract from the awesome mom online and we made it our own for gibson's new iPod touch and we all signed it) #itsofficial

marshall is obsessed with dancing to gangnam style on just dance. it’s absolutely hilarious!


the amazing antlersandroses tagged me on instagram for the cool game #widn. at the time, i was watching another episode of full house with gibson. talk about obsessed…
#widn tagged by the lovely and talented @kristymakes // watching john stamos...er i mean reruns with @minifantic // tagging @miaaaaa_miaaaaaa @antlersandroses @breannamorin @getouttamyheadplease

thursday | january 10:

big puffy clouds are my favorite.



getting to pick up marsh from school is the best.


#projectlife365 today is game. when the homework is all done, he plays all kinds of games on his iPod.


got my shred on tonight. oh the burn, it burns so good!

friday | january 11:

brrrrrrr, it’s cold this morning.

#fmsphotoaday // jan11: water frozen on my windshield #brrrrr #instaweatherpro

new nails this week. pretty in pink!


saturday | january 12:

so excited about the game this weekend!Keep calm and GO PACK!!! #crushtheniners #gopackgo

finally got the orange and yellow washi from target, thanks to my mama who found it in palm springs.


a super chilly run this morning.


gibson let me snap some pics, he sure is growing up.

our park/school. there’s something for everyone here!

the end of my weekend is coming to an end. i’m always so sad to see it go. i didn’t work on project life as much as i wanted to but saturday (and the first two weeks of january) have been a delight nonetheless.

happy week to everyone…



4 thoughts on “weekly wrap-up 2013 // week 1+2”

  1. LOOOOOOVE all this, little peeks into your cute family and fun life! Are you ordering the new PL kit, can’t remember?

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