hello 3 hour goals meeting // let’s make some goals and follow through, shall we?

hello light at the end of the tunnel // after a crazy few months of work, i might be able to see a glimmer of light. a speck of freedom that comes every march. i pray to see more of that illumination in february this year.

hello freezing freaking cold // this is cali and when temps drop into the 20’s, it’s coooold. thankful for my sweet hubby who starts my car and defrosts my windows for me in the mornings.

hello new shows // i swore off idol, but i will be reeled back in, i just know it. biggest loser is a new fave of mine. the new season of downton abbey has begun. also looking forward to that new kevin bacon series and getting caught up on parenthood. i feel like i’m missing something…but when i remember what it is, i will use my directv app to set it to record.

hello good grades // last week, gibson brought home all A+ grades on HW and tests and he says it’s because he doesn’t want to lose his new iPod touch. here’s hoping he keeps that motivation up.

hello guitar lessons // hoping to get some lessons scheduled for the gibber, he’s been excited to get started.

hello better food choices // i made some wrong turns last week. decided to eat things i knew would be counter productive to be dropping the giggles. with a fresh shopping list, we’ll stock up on great options and will prepare tons of easy go-to foods. no junk in the house means no junk in my meals.




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