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weekly wrap-up 2013 // week 3

this week just flew by! work is lightening up a slight bit and i don’t feel as drained as I have been these last few months. when work and home are all chugging along smoothly, i can function, manage, and enjoy this little life of ours.

this week was full of adventures, laughs and beauty. come see how we got on…

sunday | january 13:

a new week of daily photo challenges from projectlife365.Untitled

meeting my friend at the movies. a little sunshine on my face while i wait.
sometimes, all a girl needs is a little sunshine. ☀

we saw les mis and i swear it’s one of the best movies i’ve seen. i hadn’t seen an ALL SINGING musical before and honestly, i really liked it. i liked it alot! hugh jackman, who sits at the top of my gorgeous men list, was phenomenal! 

#projectlife365 // forgotten. i tend to forget that i live a few blocks away from a state prison. and come to think of it, all the towns i have lived in, have been home to major prisons or mental facilities. hmmm, weird.
#projectlife365 // jan13: #forgotten (I always forget that I live around the corner from a famous prison.) #notstuckinfolsomprison

marshall was still sleeping when i got home from the movies so gibson and i looked for dumb and dumber on tv and wouldn’t ya know it, it was starting in 30 minutes! loved his reaction and how hilarious he thought everything was.
@minifantic is laughing so hard he just snorted!!!!!  stoked I get to watch this with Gibson, I've been waiting years! But now the natural Jim Carrey in him has intensified 100x. #mockyeaingyeah #dumbanddumber

monday | january 14:

for some reason, i have no pictures from today. hm.

tuesday | january 15:

my morning drive to work and i get a sunrise.

work today is learning about healthcare reform. basically, in summary, it means more dependence on the government and people who make the money get to pay for all of it. it’s a load of bull. but it’s the industry i work in, so i guess i need to learn what it means for me so i continue to get a paycheck.
#projectlife365 // jan15: confused (because healthcare reform is insane)

wednesday | january 16:

he wears his beanie like a hipster.

thursday | january 17:

finally! a new work laptop! my computer no longer sounds like a jet is coming out of it!#fmsphotoaday // jan17: #ready for windows 8 on my brand new work laptop. #hellzyeah #isoneededthis

during my run, i passed through my little one’s school and noticed the perfect sign of winter for today’s #projectlife365
#projectlife365 // jan16: sign of winter

dinner tonight are mini pizzas. i just cut circles out of the pizza dough with a mason jar lid and piled them high with yummy goodness.

friday | january 18:

playing around on my new computer and editing pictures in photoshop. playing with clarity and making fluffy dog look a lot softer that he truly is.

out of the blue, gibson sang a parody of the new alicia keys song and i told him he should make a meme of it. this is what he came up with. this kid will always keep my laughing..

downloading the latest issue of BHG for our trip to SF tomorrow. be prepared for the onslaught of pics ahead! but i will save most of them for a separate post.
Prepping for our day trip to SF tomorrow: New mag? Check. DSLR battery charged? Check. Apple devices charged? Check. #roadtrip #godobe #finallygettingtheheckouttadodge

dear san francisco, if i forget to tell you later, you’re gonna be beautiful tomorrow.San Francisco, if I forget to tell you later, you're gonna be gorgeous tomorrow.

contemplating some spring decor in the family room before bed.

saturday | january 19:

the main purpose of this trip to a city we’re not super fond of is one thing: Bubba Gump Shrimp Co.
since gibson has recently watched Forrest Gump for the first time, he was thrilled when i told him they made a restaurant from the movie. you see, this kid is a shrimp freak! he loves it, asks for it, wants it all the time and loves every single bite. so since he pulled in all A+ grades since christmas break, we decided this could be a fun treat for him…(and a ton of photo ops for me)!

the dinosaur came along for the ride.

but first, we stopped for a visit with papa. he has some cool treasures in his house.Untitled

matt and papa.

granpapa always has stories for the boys. and he always has treats and lets marshall leave with a magnet from his fridge.
hanging on every visits with granpapa!

a quick stop by the jelly belly outlet for some treats.Untitled

i successfully avoided getting myself some of my favorite flavor.

we’re on the road again.

i have a thing for bridges. their majesty. their grandness. the flawless symmetry.
I have thing for bridges.

i also have a weird fascination with smoke stacks.

the obligatory transaction.Untitled




heading onto the embarcadero.  Untitled

he’s in shrimp heaven. and don’t be fooled by the look on his face, he plans to handle this like a boss.


taking a closer peak at alcatraz.Untitled


playing with lightroom and editing pics from the day.

just wrapping up our long day and settling in to read, i get this text from my mom. she is so super excited to have sang karaoke that she texted me at 10:00. hilarious!

and that ended our third week in january. come back later in the week to see how i have stayed faithful to my one little word…. go. do. be.




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