weekly wrap up

weekly wrap-up 2013 // week 4+5


sunday | january 20:

gibson made this meme after making up a parody to the alicia keys song. you might never be able to sing it the right way again. you’re welcome!

my 11yo made this meme after he randomly came up with a parody of the Alicia Keys song. @minifantic always keeps me in stitches! sorry, you might have this stuck in your head now.

currently what’s on my bookshelf.

night circus: kinda gritty but i’m loving it so far

redeeming love: a book i’ve read but want to read again.

no more headaches: let’s just say it’s been helpful šŸ˜‰

the forgotten garden: haven’t started it yet…supposed to be a good one

the chaperone: still working on this one and i love every page of this tale

the grapes of wrath: my next adventureĀ Untitled

we got some beautiful oranges from papa’s tree.


monday | january 21:

#projectlife365 is #dream so i made this from one of my favorite quotes from my favorite movie.

#projectlife365 // jan21: #dream #steelmagnolias

tuesday | january 22:

this is how marshall leaves his friends when he takes off for school.Untitled

marshall and dad running errands today.Untitled

the special part about this view is that it’s what i see when i walk out of my office to come home for the day.Untitled

wednesday | january 23:

just an outfit and a good hair day in the bathroom.Untitled

this makes me happy tonight.


#transparent#projectlife365 // jan23: #transparent

thursday | january 24:

welcome to my mornings. marshall loves to hang out while i get ready for work.Untitled

and gibson likes to go for runs with me after work.Untitled

my boys were very little babies once. both of these were taken at 2 months old. since marshall looked so much like gibson as a baby, i dressed him up like his brother and tried to setup the same kind of picture. of course they have their different features, but it was so sweet how much marshall resembled gibson for this short period of time. but hey, i guess that happens when both kids have the same set of parents. šŸ™‚reflecting on the growth of these two little dudes. i adore every bit of their funniness, cuteness and craziness. time to work on a now and then collage fir each boy, just for fun. (inspired by @antlersandroses)

#projectlife365 today is #faux. this faux leather jacket is my favorite piece.#projectlife365 // jan24: this rockin' pink #faux leather jacket is one of my favorite pieces.

friday | january 25:

i’m hoping that if i make a list, craftiness will happen this weekend.maybe if I make a list, I can work in some of my Pinterest projects with my super free weekend. it's gonna be full of #procraftination !

the test studying tonight is serious. we’ll do this all weekend…

#projectlife365 // jan25: #real real homework. real concentration. real life. real tough.

saturday | january 26:

yay, i’m making something!

got my chores done and earned some serious creative time.

our errands today brought us to sams. gibson and i came back out to find these birds fighting over a piece of pizza someone dropped. after a couple minutes a huge seagull came in and swooped it up. all the birds squawked and stood there dumbfounded. we couldn’t stop laughing!!!!


and when gibson and i run errands together, we listen to bill cosby.Untitled

a new week of prompts!!!Untitled


sunday | january 27:

#outside. matt and i took a walk this morning in the frigid cold.



the sun left a gorgeous reflection on the wet blacktop.#fmsphotoaday // jan27: #sun on our morning walk

the weather was beautiful and was warm enough for the boys to play outside. kinda makes my heart happy.#projectlife365 // jan27: finally nice enough to play #outside

monday | january 28:

hubby was my photographer for a new fancylittlethings.com post next week. šŸ™‚


i want to eat all of this. but i can’t. and i won’t. but i want to.


tuesday | january 29:

another outfit sneak peek. be sure to head over there on tuesday!


more sunshine means more backyard playing!


he’s ready for a multitude of things. dirt, yard work, a flood.Untitled

i love when he just sits in his room and strums.Untitled


when you live in a house with boys, you frequently find things like this in your bed when you pull back the covers.


#grow was the prompt today and was inspired to capture the growth of this awesome kid.

#fmsphotoaday // jan29: #grow (super proud of this kid and excited about the kind of man he'll grow in to.)

wednesday | january 30:

my poor little marshall had a couple cavities filled today. he did the best he could under all that stress and earned himself some chick-fil-a and a ninja turtle action figure.Untitled

i’m sticking with my workout goals for the week so i can treat myself to chick-fil-a on friday. so havingĀ thisĀ in the house tonight is making me hungry, angry and like i wanna eat everything else in the house. i hate how much control food has over my life.Untitled

it’s just a regular wednesday night at our house. scripts, green screens and lighting.Ā Untitled

even though gibson got the first section down after a few tries, the rest of the script was just too complicated for the time they had to get it down. so matt played the anchor role instead. my gorgeous gal pal plays the sideline reporter and matt stayed up all night editing it. if you want to see the finished video that got laughs for days, head to youtube here. (it’s a funny and sarcastic bit that matt did with a local radio talk show host)

So you don't have a fake news studio setup in your kitchen in a Wednesday night to shoot a fake newscast for a short film? No? Darn. I guess we're weird. And I'm okay with that.

i found this personality test online and i don’t know why i even do these. the results are always the same and so obvious.


thursday | january 31:

today in the mail we got two free movie tickets from our kid’s dental office for referring a friend. i honestly have no idea who i referred but hey, these are our tickets to see the new die hard movie in a few weeks. oh yeah!!!


marshall wanted to say grace tonight.Untitled

friday | february 1:

it’s a new month!Untitled

#you was today’s prompt from #projectlife365 and i could resist a selfie in my packers tee. still supporting my team!

#projectlife365 // feb1: #you (still supporting my #packers)

so remember up there ^^ when i said i was working out and eating good all week so i could earn some chick-fil-a for lunch. okay so this facebook post explains how it went down. as you can tell by my spelling errors that i was quiteĀ distraught during this time while i was driving back to the restaurant to get the rest of my food and some extra goodies! hashtag: devastated.


i knew this would happen and thought it was hilarious. on myfitnesspal.com, when you complete a day, it tells you “if you ate like this everyday, you’d be whatever pounds in 5 weeks.” since today i ate a starbucks sandwich for breakfast and chick-fil-a (+ a coke and 2 chocolate chunk cookies for lunch), i was 910 calories over my goal, obviously. just got a little chuckle from it. clearly that’s the wrong direction i’m intending to go, and this will not be my everyday menu.


saturday | february 2:

today matt and i celebrate our 12 year wedding anniversary. and he had my favorite flowers sent to my office yesterday. they’ve opened up today…aren’t they gorgeous?

my sweet hubby gave me gorgeous tulips for our 12 yr anniversary. and now we're off for a date! i'm a lucky girl.

tonight we went out to see our friend in a play on closing night!Untitled


lessons learned from these last weeks:
i really can fight through the temptations of food when i need to.
family time can be captured anywhere and memories can made in the car or at the table.
when we all put effort into our kids’ education, we all benefit.

what have you learned this week?



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