hello new shows // new episodes of all my faves are on this week. biggest loser, 2 broke girls, mike + molly, 2 and a half men, big bang, downton abbey, new girl and idol. shows rock!

hello 2 less pounds // i was about 75% of my goal last week. i want to do better this week. i’m not prepared. but i will make good choice.

hello monthly fashion article // i have backed down to posting once a month for fancylittlethings.com and this week is all about patterns.

hello sunshine // a week of mid-sixties is in the forecast. this means comfortable runs after work, playing in the backyard with the boys and easy to pick outfits.

hello to #vineapp // i got sucked in enough to sign up, but i can’t figure it out. i’ve always been more apt to still photography so i’m not sure how much posting i’ll do there, but it’s fun to scroll around.

hello to a great week ahead for you!



1 thought on “helloMONDAY”

  1. HAPPY MONDAY!! I love the list and all the variety in it. I use to watch Biggest Loser and got to hard for me. I DIDN”T want any of them to go home, made me cry and get too worked up before going to bed. I miss it and want to watch again but haven’t started yet. Enjoy the other new shows!
    HOORAY for nicer weather, always better for running and playing outside and of course CUTE OUTFITS!
    Hope it was a good day for you!! What a surprise SuperBowl this was, my poor team didn’t make it.

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