hello monday, you’re a bit late today but hey, there’s still 9 hours left of you, so we’re good. here we go!


hello rescheduled meetings // i love when work meetings get rescheduled. it frees me up for the moment and that makes my life easier.

hello happy heart // i’m feeling happy lately. i think it’s the sun.¬†that is all.

hello no school // the boys get this monday and next monday off. today for lincoln’s birthday and i’d love to find something fun to do tonight to remind them of what lincoln did for our nation. we’ll see how the night goes.

hello thursday // since we just celebrated our anniversary, i think matt and i will just exchange hugs and kisses. he’s lucky i don’t expect a big fancy to-do for this holiday. what he should expect is to take me to see the new die hard movie like ASAP!

hello girls night // this saturday, the girls and i are gonna do a little boot-scootin’ at toby keith’s. just a little fun for our girl who got a new job working from home and needs to get outta the homestead for an evening.

have a great week!



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