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nail + string art // representin’ cali

i’m officially obsessed.
i want to buy nails and string and pieces of wood in bulk!

because this is the result i get.

normally, the non-symmetrical messiness of a project like this would send me into a state of anxiety, and fast. but as of late, i’ve been working on being less rigid and enjoying the imperfect. learning to fall in love with the random has been incredibly freeing.


the inspiration for this piece comes from my one little word for 2013 and my journey to explore the state i live in. i want it to hang in the family room as a reminder of all the fun family things to do, right around the corner, and inexpensively. if you’re curious, i’ve been keeping my eye on this site for ideas.

i admit that this project was tedious because of the letters i added in the middle. when i do another one, i will be sure to make the letters a bit bigger so they are easier to wrap string around. if you are planning on attempting one of these projects yourself, i would suggest the following tips:

first, see my first tutorial on this project for major details.
when nailing the letter outlines…nail the inside parts first and work your way out toward the outer shape. for example, i did the outline of california after i nailed the letters so you have a full range of space to nail. (sidenote: realizing that i’ve used the word nail too much but i’m kinda out of other options.) okay, moving on.
i though that using smaller nails for the letters and larger nails for the outside shape would be a good idea. WRONG! because you’re connecting string between the outer nails and the letters, it would have been helpful if they were the same height. instead i was constantly holding the string with my fingers to guide them around the tighter areas.

but everything else was fun and easy! one of the best parts is that i can tie off anywhere and put it away until i can work on it again. 🙂

feel free to pin this awesome project!



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