hello extra day off // you are just what i needed. the weekends are way too short lately and having you today puts a smile on my face. more please.

hello family room // i just want to sit on my couch and admire how awesome you look with your new shelves and tv placement. your functioning light switch, like a real living room. with the painted jars and books and fun knick-knacks. again, happy girl here.

hello afternoon nap // me and you are getting together sometime today. oh yes.

hello checklist // i am crossing off a ton of things you’ve listed. washer necklace: check. marshall’s gallery wall: check. bookshelves: check. called my brother: ugh. check. i will continue marking things off, throughout the week, because i love that simple check inside of that little square box.

hello girl scout cookies // you arrive tomorrow evening. we’re meeting friends for dinner to pick you up and i’m promising not to cut dinner short in order to race you home and rip open your cardboard and foil barriers. pinky promise. but i may eat a caramel delight or two on the way home.

hello morning run // see above item ^^^ (and several others that i have not mentioned here) for a good reason that you and i need to get together. we need to pound the pavement. hit the road, jack. run against the wind. like runnin’ fools. i miss you. desperately. i need to hear the music in my ears and feel the wind on my face. let’s get that done before 8:30am. deal? deal.


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