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retrohipmama style // all washed up

last weekend, i shared this picture on instagram. and now i’m sharing the details of my new necklace.


i was completely inspired by this tutorial from pinterest and the diy piece had been lingering on my to-do list for several weeks.

so i busted out my supplies and got to work.

and speaking of supplies, this project is super cheap. the washers were under $2, the chain (not shown here) was under $2 and i already had the jump rings and nail polish. you can use spray paint too (which i did for the next one i’m making).


the original piece i fell in love with on pinterest was just one color, but i really wanted to try two colors. if i had a third blue that looked good with these i would have done an ombre kind of thing. but hey, you gotta work with what’cha got.
and i added a little stray washer up top for some asymmetrical fun!
oh, and i made mine longer because i love that look versus the shorter styles.


i paired it with gray and red and wore it to the theatre on sunday afternoon.


errrr. not sure what kind of face this is, but we’re going with it.


a little closer view.


okay so my overall happiness with how this turned out is through the roof, for sure. but what happens with the rings and washers is it turns into a more curved shape when it hangs from the two top washers, versus when it’s being assembled, it takes on more of a V shape, which is what i really liked about it.

i have red washers already painted and ready to assemble another piece so i might try eliminating two of the center washers and seeing if the weight distribution changes at all.

either way, i am madly in love with my new necklace! oh and the other bonus….it’s not heavy at all. i mean sure, it has some weight, but it’s not uncomfortable and i could easily wear it to for a full day.



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