weekly wrap up

weekly wrap up 2013 // week 8

there’s not too much to share this week as we kept a pretty low profile. the paparazzi left us alone for the most part. 😉

monday | february 18:

a day off work meant another day of snuggles. another day of crafting. one less day at work.

it was also the day we let girl scout cookies into our home. of course it made sense to meet up with our friends for pizza to make the exchange. the only logical thing to do on the night you begin your cookie binge is to start it out with pizza. oh yes, very logical.

but these kids had a blast and love playing together. if marshall were to marry her, i’d be totally okay with that. 🙂


always making my heart jump, he wanted to slide down the railing on his be-hind.



tuesday | february 19:

i am OK with the weather this week.


wednesday | february 20:

kinda cool to be scrolling my pinterest feed and run into my own viral pin. you see it? there on the right? the strawberries in cinder blocks post and pic went viral last fall and is still going around. so cool!



thursday | february 21:

marshall’s little school crush colored him a picture of mario and luigi so we thought he would return the favor. the whole time he was working on this he was saying “alexis is gonna LOVE this!”

since he can't make her a mix tape, he's coloring her a picture of something she likes. #kindergartenlove #macaroni


friday | february 22:

a little park time for the boys and so matt and i could play with our cameras. his moves, mine’s still.



the second trimester ended today and i am super proud of gibson’s grades. of course, we’re working on that math grade but everything else is right on. oh and the A+ in history isn’t shown here but of course i have to brag!




this is truly my favorite part of fridays…turning that alarm off.


saturday | february 23:

for some reason, i haven’t been jiving with the pl365 prompts lately. but i’m trying this list next week. 🙂


he’s like a cat, warming himself in the sun.



just having some fun with my jamberry nails wraps.

new #nailart that's kinda retro + kinda skitzo using #jamberry nail wraps. happy weekend!


gno with some awesome ladies. 🙂 it was drinks, then karaoke…in that order.

I got AWESOME friends in low places (singing karaoke) with @amberlucito

hoping to have a more eventful week next week. happy snapping y’all!



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