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weekly wrap up 2013 // week 9

if you’re new here or you’ve been here for awhile, you might notice i do a wrap-up of my daily photos from each week. i was successful in posting all 52 weeks in 2012 and am hoping to continue for 2013 too.  so far, so good!

it’s a fun peek into my little life that i hope you all enjoy or can pull inspiration from. you can capture the little details of your life too with just a snap of your camera phone, because you know it’s in your hand or your back pocket. 😉
it’s these moments that you’ll be able to look back on and be glad you snapped while little johnny was making a silly face or to know what style shoes your tween wore at this moment in his life.

i snap because i forget. end of story.

so welcome, or welcome back, to my weekly wrap-ups, where you’ll find craziness, happiness and silliness with each scroll.

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sunday | february 24:

when uncle mike comes to town, it’s always fun.


an evening with matt’s parents and as always, music from the 60s is playing in the outdoor tiki bar and we’re loving it!


cousins get to play tag.


i get to pretend i’m spending time at the beach (my mil has a whole sand area in her backyard).


my fil blows cigar smoke rings to help me with my photo challenge for the day.


the BEST chioppino ever, made by the above mentioned fil.


monday | february 25:

cuptakes makes such cool iphone wallpapers. but it just wasn’t enough so i added the text and arrow. this is now my lock screen! feel free to grab it for yourself if you’re reading this on your phone. just save it and use it as your wallpaper.


this wallpaper (also from cuptakes) was fine just the way it is, and it’s currently my home screen.


tuesday | february 26:

i may not have been going to san francisco, but if i was, i would have been prepared.


wednesday | february 27:

i got to walk the boys to school today and this is gibson’s attempt to get out of having his picture taken. silly boy, don’t you know yo mama’s got mad camera skillz?


it’s an iced tea, sunshine, bob dylan, data entry, work at home kind of morning.

it's a crisp quiet bob dylan iced tea work at home kind of morning.

picking up the youngin from school and at 11:30 it’s already 70* out. yippee!


special delivery!


sitting down on the job.


he tried, then got frustrated.


oh the glorious hammock. my spot. i can read here. nap here. rock here. snuggle here. think here. this is my spot.

I had such ambition this evening...and then I found myself here. #myfavoriteplaceintheworld #hammocktime

the red balloon.


all the playing and running with that beloved red balloon…


…ended when it broker free of it’s equally red ribbon and flew into god’s blue sky. this was when marshall decided he never wanted another balloon for the rest of his life because he didn’t want to lose another one.

it's all fun and games until someone loses their balloon.

the photo challenge of the day was #playing. we had a fabulous day in the warm weather.
#fmsphotoaday // feb27: #playing #todaywasfrickingorgeous

thursday | february 28:

matt and marshall made an awesome rocket ship!


“i’m just gettin’ a book mommy. don’t worry about me.”


and what he picked was my favorite childhood book. a story about a farmer who won first prize for the best yawn. after some poor decision making, he learned how to cover his mouth when he yawned.

tonight's book circa 1980-something. nothing beats reading Marshall books from my childhood and valuable lessons about keeping your mouth shut. #gollygump

friday | march 1:

oh elvis march, how i love to see you! 😉

the best way to say hello to a new month. #latergram #imallshookup #elvis

this is what i like to see when i get the mail. not that i didn’t already know his grades, but seeing the gpa really makes us proud parents. and lets gibson see his hard work pay off.


the sun, oh the sun!


just making sun tea for the weekend.


those eyes. they get me every time.


or they get him things like an otter pop. do you remember getting to the end and finally getting to drink the juice?


this is pretty much how i spent friday afternoon. my skin needed this. my soul needed this. my heart needed this. food was the only thing that got me inside before the sun went down.

#fmsphotoaday // L is for #lazy afternoons in the sun

saturday | march 2:

i’ve got chores. then it’s ALL project life. and i meant ALL. i basically finished my chores and by noon i was ready to work on july. more on this debacle when i do my next PL update…how in the world did i skip july when i was developing? oh well, it was fun to travel back to the summer months.

hello weekend...I've got plans for you. chores first, then fun! #gettingstartedearly

when i scrap, i wanna snack. i wrestled with getting a bowl of pretzels or cookies or some kind of junk food. but in the end, i opted for a bowl of juicy red strawberries. and what makes them taste the best is when i eat them in my strawberry shortcake bowl from 1980.


since i was eating fairly well, i decided on this pinterest recipe from bevcooks.com for lunch. it was so divine, it will be added to my weekly meal list.

#lunchis shrimp pasta with lemon, red pepper, basil, garlic, tomatoes and spinach. found on pinterest and will be putting this in my every week menu. super good! #iheartshrimp

and this is where life stopped. it was all out project life and tending to the family stuff every now and again. marshall ended up with a fever so we skipped church and hung at home for the evening.

i must say, this has been one of the best weeks of the year. just so many things to be grateful for.

thanks for stopping by! see ya next week!

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