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retrohipmama style //


welcome to the new SHE’S crafty!  we all needed a new look, hope you like it. 🙂

i have some fun new outfits to show you from the past week. i’ll also be posting what i wore to the pleated poppy link up, so join me over these for plenty of fashion inspiration.

/ one /

shirt: handed down from a  friend
leggings: kohls
red flats: ross’
red polka dot ring: handmade by me
red + silver washer necklace: handmade by me (will be listed in shop soon)






i wore leggings outside of the house y’all! it’s only because this top provides the best boo-tay coverage.

/ two /

mint + grey top: target
grey lace tank: target
pink skinnies: old navy
grey flip-flops: old navy
flower barrette: old navy






pink + mint + grey totally worked, don’t you think? i loved this outfit because it wasn’t overwhelming with color. the grey took it down a notch, in my opinion. would you wear this color combo?

thanks for stopping by!

hope you have a fun week getting dressed too!

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