hello business lunch // pizza and salad with some great business folk. looking forward to a roasted artichoke!

hello hygienist // you won’t find any buildup or #3s or #4s on tuesday. i’ve been a flossing and mouthwash freak the last 6 months. she’s gonna be happy with me!

hello take12 // you fall on a tuesday this month. shall i attempt to take a picture every hour for 12 hours? it might be an eventful day. i shall attempt.

hello payday // i have been waiting for you for um, like 15 days. it’s about time you finally showed up.

hello new blogging mini-series // working on several posts that dive deeper into how i prep for project life. you interested? i’m hoping to have them ready for the end of this week. if not, next week it will be

hello corned beef and cabbage // among the traditional dish, i am excited to make lucky charm cupcakes. i’d like to say they’re for the boys, but of course i have to test them out, you know, to make sure they’re not poisonous.

hello awesome weather // high 70s and an 80 degree day mixed in the middle of the week. yeah, i love this weather.

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4 thoughts on “helloMONDAY

  1. dawn says:

    Happy Monday sweet friend! Hope it’s been a good one for you! I like cornbeef/cabbage too, can’t wait to have some at my sister’s house. Our nice weather turned cooler and pouring rain today. I did make it to the track 2x over the wekend, YIPPEEE!! Enjoy the rest of your week!

    Oh and anything you post about PL I will want to ready!!!

  2. Allie says:

    love some corned beef and cabbage! instead of boiled potatoes, (well we always have green mashed potatoes) I found a traditional irish recipe that is mashed potatoes with kale in it. looks super yummy, we are trying it out this year. its called colcannon. happy st. patty’s day!

    • retrohipmama says:

      calcannon potatoes are my favorite at a restaurant i love! it’s made with cabbage there, but i really would love to try it with kale…how yummy! let me know how they turn out, will you?

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