weekly wrap up

weekly wrap up 2013 // week 10

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sunday | march 3:

a brisk walk with matt on sunday morning. the clouds are coming in.


the rest of the day consisted of project life, project life and more project life.


matt prepped some country ribs for the crockpot. they were soooooo delish!


and i had my favorite dinner for lunch. bowtie pasta, salmon, asparagus with lemon, garlic, pepper and parmesan cheese.


then i got a text from gibson. the best part is that his response is preeeeeety much how he talks in person, it’s funny to see it in text form. we call it “gibberish”.


monday | march 4:

the sun is barely creeeping up through a thin layer of clouds.


tried my new shoes with an old shirt. i think they make a pretty good pair.


sometimes i forget how cool our downtown can be. i wanna spend more time down here.


i launched the new branding of my blog today. i love how it turned out and love that i can have an idea, find some color inspiration and just make it happen. being craft is pretty awesome.


tuesday | march 5:

picked up marsh from school today and found his backpack sharing a hook with alexis’ backpack. this happens everyday. πŸ™‚


taking it waaaaay back again with one of my very favorite childhood books. it’s a book of homonym riddles. it’s been cracking marshall up and teaching him about words that sound the same but have totally different meanings.



wednesday | march 6:

matt snapped this one of the gibbers while they walked to school. i love his hair like this, especially when he wears a hat. the other day matt’s dad told him he looked like one of the beatles and he took that as quite the compliment πŸ˜‰


darn you target. why must you tempt me with gorgeous lines and orange? i hate you target, hate, i say.


thursday | march 7:

love my morning drive, i get to see gorgeous sunrises so often.


friday | march 8:

forgetting what i just said about hating target, i adore the dollar spot! check out these cute sticky notes i picked up!


i’m hosting an online jamberry party for a couple more weeks. jamberry nail wraps are the cool designs i wear on my nails. if you’re interested in getting some for yourself, order here.

YOU'RE INVITED!! for my awesome IG friends, i'm announcing this early. if you've ever wanted to get your hands (no pun intended) on the cool nail wraps I use, now is your chance! I'm hosting an online #jamberry party so that you fabulous ladies can get so

walking marshall home from school and he’s thrilled about his lollipop.


i can get used to this weeks’ weather.

yeah, I guess I can live with the weather this week. #californiasunshine β˜€

saturday | march 9:

gibson’s first guitar lesson. he was stoked and did soooo good!


spring colors from may’s family circle issue. i am digging this outfit and WILL find a way to recreate it!


more colors i’m loving. i want to paint each fingernail one of these different colors. the brightness is driving me crazy for spring to be here!


the weeks that are filled with sunshine and smiles are the best. πŸ™‚

thanks for reading!

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2 thoughts on “weekly wrap up 2013 // week 10”

  1. I just had to come on and comment. I read these all the time, but sometimes I just forget to come by and leave some love. Thank you for making me giggle. I adore the backpacks, and the Target comment totally cracked me up! xoxo

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