hello panera // me and you have a lunch date today. thankfully someone else is paying.

hello spring // it’s felt like spring for the last few weeks and now that spring is on the horizon this week, so is a rain storm. stupid spring, why must you mock me?

hello open house // it’s the time of year where we get to see all the fun things in marshall’s class. it also means the school year is coming to a close.

hello to a busy work week // looks like a lot on my calendar and to-do lists will be making this week fly by.

hello to new baby birds // the geese that live around my office building have laid eggs in the big planter box right by the front door. they are pretty mean to begin with but now they are standing watch to protect their babies and i’ve already been hissed at. i get it little dude, calm down, just trying to go inside. can’t wait until the new little families start venturing around the grass in the back. marshall’s class also have eggs that are hatching this week. he gets so excited to tell me about them!

hello alice // in wonderland that is. marshall and i are going to see a live production of the famous tale, put on by an all kid cast. 🙂 it will be a fun birthday celebration for the daughter of one of my best girls.


and that’s what i’m looking forward to this week.

how about you?

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