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no one likes mondays, and i’m right there with ya. helloMONDAY is a place where i toss around positive thoughts for the coming week. take a look at what’s coming up in my life and prepare myself for the good and bad and the crazy that lies ahead.

wanna join in? write your helloMONDAY post today and share your link in the comments. 🙂

let’s get started shall we?

hello heavy eyes // sunday night crept up on me and i didn’t close my eyes until 11. which made my 5am alarm clock turn into a 45-minute snoozefest and ended with a ponytail. but it’s all good as long as i have snuggles from my boys before i leave and iced tea and good music to keep me going.

hello short week // our office closes for good friday so that’s got me stoked and stressed at the same time. i already have so much to do each week, now i’ve got to cram it into 4 days. but i can totally do this!

hello 4-day weekend // on top of having friday off, i took monday off too since it’s the last day of the boys’ spring vacation. looking forward to a family day together.

hello play date of dancing and gabbing // made plans for marsh and i to hang out with a special friend and her daughter on friday. they love to plan wii together so my girlfriend and i will enjoy the time to catch up and laugh and be silly.

hello possible new digs // some news came about yesterday morning that has set our sights on a new place to live. nothing is settled yet but the process has begun and it looks like the seas have parted and god has paved the way for us to this house. prayers welcome. 😉

hello holy week // shereadstruth.com is doing an 8-day bible study centered around the week between palm sunday and easter. it’s available on the youversion bible app or their website. i started late but the good thing about these bible plans is that you can start anytime and read at your own pace. happy devotions!

okay, monday


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