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project life organization // the extras

welcome to the third and final post in my project life organization series. i hope that by the end of this you have some tools and inspiration to begin your own project life album. or at least to begin documenting the everyday stuff of life.

// if you missed the first two parts, you can find them here: part 1: the pictures and part 2: the supplies

what makes project life so special is that it combines scrapbooking like you did as a kid (where it was more about the souvenirs and the memorabilia you didn’t want to throw away) with the modern idea of scrapbooking that includes pictures.

and since the little extras are just as important as the pictures, i include things like schoolwork, gift cards, receipts and artwork within my scrapbook pages. like this:


and this:

today we’re going to talk about an easy way to organize those little extras we save for our albums so that when you’re working on your pages, they don’t get left out.

// supplies you’ll need:

3-ring binder
divider pocket tabs

8568573439_e5fb9982d3 copy

i fell in love with these avery divider pocket tabs at one of my old jobs and immediately thought they’d be perfect for this project. but you can use any kind/brand/color you like. my personal preference for these comes from their sturdiness. i’m going to be flipping and stuffing them full each and every month and i want them to last.

the binder is just an oldie. i could go get a cute binder but i’m more about using what i have and not just buying something because it’s cute. i’m getting boring in my old age. 😉


start by labeling each tab for each month of the year.


i always keep my current month at the front of the binder and when that folder gets emptied and i’ve moved on to the next month, i take that divider and place it in the back.

i’ve got love notes, artwork, report cards, a baseball game ticket, graded work, tags from clothes i want to remember and lists i’ve made.






so since i’m a half year behind, this binder allows me to pop anything i want to save for this month into that april folder and it’s all there when i finally get to work on april.

nothing gets lost or forgotten or ends up in a pile on my desk.

so there you have it! i hope you’ve enjoyed this series! i had fun sharing how i organize and prep for project life. if you have any questions, feel free to drop a comment. 🙂

UPDATE: here’s a little video about this process!

happy scrappin’

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9 thoughts on “project life organization // the extras”

  1. What a great idea for these extras!! I love how organzied you are in life and with your Project Life. This is especially good since you do work on PL once a month or so. This would be good even if you weren’t doing PL but wanted to save these special things somehow.
    p.s. uuhhh the words “boring” and “you” should never be in the same sentence! you are far from boring my friend.

    1. thanks dawn, organization comes naturally for me but i always struggle to find what works. then when it works, i want to share it with everyone! so glad i can! xoxo

  2. great idea – I frequently have something I want to use (for a season, for a person, for an event) but then forget about it when the time for that page comes. When I discover it again, I have to go back and move things around to accomodate the new addition. Something like this is even better than the envelopes I was planning to use.

    1. that reason is exactly why i had to create a different system. 🙂 i did the same thing for years and it frustrated the heck out of me. so glad you stopped by, hope you found my tips useful!

  3. I LOVE all these tips on orginizing PL. I am a newbie and I swear I spend more time sorting stuff and searching than I do scrapping! Thanks soooo much!

    1. I am so glad you stopped by and found this post helpful. I know how frustrating it can be to have the time to sit and scrap but all you do is look for stuff. Hope you get some time soon and feel free to ask me any questions you have along the way. 🙂

  4. This is great! I am never scrapping the current (or, honestly even the current month!!!) so this will help a lot!!! Thanks for the idea! Now I am going to hunt down the other posts you had on this and check out the rest of your blog!!!

  5. Such a great idea! I know you wrote this post awhile back, but just finding it today via Pinterest. 🙂 I love this for storing all the bits of extra life goodies before I get them into my album. Thank you!!

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