hello lights, camera, action // today we begin the first scene of true filming for SHIFT. and it’s the trickiest scene. lighting effects, wind effects and the timing has to be flawless due to us being unable to control the setting sun. if i haven’t mentioned it yet, my award-winning filmmaker husband and my comedic actor son are making a sci-fi flick for gibson’s science project. can we say “overkill”? but it WILL be amazing and i WILL be sharing it here when it’s ready next month. 🙂

hello moving details // another chat planned with our new landlord today and this means we talk specific move-in date and paint.

hello super organized garage // thanks to my mom and a free saturday, her and i spent about 7 hours making my garage ready for packing the house. one side is anything going out for the garage sale and the other side is packed stuff that’s going with us. now when i pack a box from the house i can put it on that side and we’ll know it’s staying.

hello job // with everything going on at home with the move and the movie, work is that last place i want to be, obviously. but it’s because of this place that we get to move and eat and make movies. it provides and it was provided by god for the good of our family.

hello interior sketches // now that i have pictures and measurements of the new house, i have started sketching the layouts for each room. makes me miss all my years of high school and college architecture and interior design classes. i was so meant for this.

hello fabric shopping // in whatever spare time i can conjure up, i plan to decide on some fabric for curtains. all the windows in this new house are completely different different dimensions than our current house so, darn. i guess i’ll have to muddle through the un-inspiring task of mixing patterns and colors to make new window coverings and pillows and seat covers. poor me.

hello helpful // we have a ton of people in our lives who help with open hearts. having good friends and family means so much and i want to just take a moment to mention how thankful i am for everyone who has pitched in with this movie adventure, for those who have offered to help us move and to my parents who are always asking what they can do, and then do it. i love the people who love us.

what does your week look like?

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