hello sunburn // 2 full days outside shooting for #shift and being absent minded about the sun makes for a nice red burn. and boy does it buuuuurn. owch!

hello vivid dreams // i’ve had several dreams about the new house, but now, they are so very specific. life happens there. memories are created. i can almost touch it.

hello little actors // gibson and his love interest in the film had a very emotional scene this weekend. i was feeding lines to them but couldn’t even watch them act it out. i get so uncomfortable because to me, that’s still my kid, not the character. and even when he’s “acting” like he’s hurt or sad, it’s very hard for me to separate the two. but thankfully he can, and well. there were a ton of goof-off moments in between takes and they both just bounce back into it.

hello new breakfast // greek yogurt has never been a fave of mine. reminds me too much of sour cream. i’ve tried the flavored ones, and the plain with berries but never fell for it. until i found the secret! 3oz. of plain greek yogurt + a few spoonfuls of raw oats + a tsp of strawberry jam (mine is homemade but any kind will do) + a few strawberries, chopped up into tiny pieces. this is truly a breakfast that satisfies me (in addition to a couple eggs) until lunch. and now i’m craving it. i love this feeling versus craving the sugary stuff.

hello garage sale // this weekend we are selling anything that we’re not taking to the new house. and it’s half of my garage, basically. we’ve got a TON of stuff to sell and it’s gonna feel great to get rid of so much!

hello excitement // since our new house is in our same neighborhood, sometimes we drive by it when we’re going somewhere and all weekend we saw the landlord parked in the driveway! eeekkkk, this means progress. this means paint is happening. this means we are we are so close!

hello focus // since we are entering into the final 2 weeks, it’s really starting to set in. the last leg of packing needs to happen this week. decisions need to be made about some items so i’m not making them on move day. i have to keep focused at work. i have to be focused at home. the iPad will be staying off and closed in the evenings or pinterest will suck me in. i can’t take in any more info or ideas this week. stay focu—-SQUIRREL! sorry, focused. okay, i’m back. and focused.

have an amazing week!

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