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movin’ up like george and weezy

you know that moment when you surrender to god’s will and allow him to take the frustrations and irritations from you to deal with himself?

yeah, well we’ve had a lot of those moments with the house we have resided in for the past 7 years.

a stepping stone of sorts, and just fine and dandy as a family of 3 when we moved in.

over the years, many things became apparent and getting out was the goal.

we would find another rental that seemed perfect for us, but god was closing those rental doors. we even found one in january that we didn’t even look at for fear that we would love it for the aesthetics and later regret the location and the price. it was not meant for us.

so we stayed. again. vowing that this would be the absolute last year in this crap hole.
we promised to weed out unnecessary junk and things in our lives and our house so that when we were ready to move in 2014, we would be clean and ready and not move any of the junk from the past into our future.

and so the purge began and the garage sale pile grew. and it felt amazing to let go of so much we’d both been hanging on to.

date: early march

me: hey, the johnson’s just bought a house! isn’t that exciting?!?!
matt: oh that’s cool, good for them!
me: we should move into their old house, it’s probably quieter and it’s got 4 bedrooms! it is just down the street.
matt: yeah, but it’s probably a lot more than we want to pay.
me: yeah, probably. insert sad face.
matt: one more year babe, we’ve got to stick to the goal!

until one morning, sunday march 24th to be exact, when matt was trying to edit and the neighbors were being loud and obnoxious as usual, he said: maybe you need to ask jennifer if the house will be up for rent and what they pay.

that was the moment when i could see it happening. so i texted her.

sidenote: jennifer and i have a cool friendship. it’s one where we can go months without talking or hanging out (because we’re both busy family gals) and then we can pick up where we left off like we’ve never had a break in the conversation. we also tend to reach out to each other at the same time. it’s just cool like that.

anyways, she was just thinking about me when i texted her to congratulate her on the house and to ask about their current place.

she quickly gave me the landlord’s number and told me she would let him know i was going to call him. she also mentioned that another couple was interested but that she didn’t know if they got in touch with him or not.

i was hesitant to call because it was a sunday morning. who wants to be bothered with business stuff on a sunday morning?

so i himmed.
and hawed.

but 15 minutes later, i just decided to do it. i called him.

the conversation went excellent!
we came highly recommended by the johnsons.
rent would stay the same price (which was our perfect number).
no property manager.
he pays water, garbage, and sewer.
there’s a gardner.
no one else had inquired and now that i called, he didn’t plan to list it.

the application for rent was on it’s way to us and we decided it would be best to meet in person once we received it and filled it out.

here is where the nerves kicked in to high gear.

date: tuesday march 26
we got the app in the mail today. it’s freaking me out.

i call the landlord to tell him we got it and that we can meet anytime this week. we decided on friday morning, at our house. this will be perfect. he can see the hell we’ve been facing here, he can meet our sweet and mostly well-behaved boys and we can express to him how deeply we’d love to rent his house. perfect. now we wait.

date: wednesday march 27
jennifer mentions that the other couple was still interested and that they called the landlord the day after we did. oh shoot…now we have competition? i am seriously freaking out! did he think i was the other family when i called? he had to since there wouldn’t have been enough time for jennifer to call him and “highly recommend us”. (but she certainly did after he and i chatted so that totally rocked!) but i don’t like situations like this. where it’s not up to me. oh wait, it’s never up to me.

friday march 29:
good friday. my mama’s birthday. i already know today will be a great day. we have prayer warriors hitting it from every time zone.

the meeting was perfection! he used certain terms like “when you move in” and not “if i decide to rent to you”. but of course, did not give an official yes yet. what he did tell us was that there was another couple who inquired after we talked on sunday and that he did think we were them. but once he realized it, he already felt like he knew us and still wanted to go through the process with us. holy freaking awesome timing.

thank god i called when i did. and i don’t want to revel in this too much but my mom told me these things for a very important reason.

he finished by saying that if he decided to do a credit or background check that it could take up to a week but he understood the need for us to give notice to our current property manager. and remember, it’s already the 29th and we’ve decided on a may 1st move-in date.

monday, april 1:
it’s a day off for me. a day of purging and prepping. just in case. also a day of intense anticipation. today is not the day we are going to hear from our new landlord, that would be crazy. there’s no way he will call us, he said it could be a week.

but at 11am that morning there was an email. an email asking for authorization to inquire about about our credit and background history. i immediately signed up and authorized the reports and gave him a call. he told me that as soon as he got the reports and reviewed them he’d be making a very quick decision.
ohmigosh omigosh omigosh!!!!!!!!!!!!!
3:30 brought one of the best calls we’ve received in years! he wanted to rent to us and wanted to come over to sign the agreements……THAT NIGHT! he gave me his verbal commitment so that i could notify our current landlord. that email was sent with a giddiness i am still enjoying!

and then the real excitement started. the planning and measuring and paint picking. the furniture shopping and desk deciding and color scheming. the “guess what? we’re moving!!!” being said by all of us several times a day at oddly random times.

so i say to you, GUESS WHAT?! WE’RE MOVING!!!!!!!!!!!!

this will be our last week here and i am far from sad. this was gibson’s fourth residence and marshall’s first and it certainly has been a blessing for the time we needed it. but we’re not confused about this move. we’re not looking back. we’re completely confident in this being one of the best moves of our family’s young history.

it’s been a crazy month in which we already had planned to make a movie with gibson for his science project so adding the move to that has been quite difficult and stressful. but we wrap the movie tonight and that means i can continue to pack the rest of the house. that means our lives will start to return to normal. that means matt will be editing an awesome short film that will be treasured forever. (if you want to see it when it’s ready, visit our website for updates! a trailer will be posted in a day or two.)

5 more days! holla!

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5 thoughts on “movin’ up like george and weezy”

  1. SO totally excited for you!! I totally get the timing thing, and the ‘if it’s meant to be’ mentality… we are totally in the same boat as you! 🙂 can’t wait to tour the new place girlie.. and again.. CONGRATS!!! 🙂

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