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hello bloggy friends // it’s been awhile since we’ve met here. thanks for your patience and i hope i didn’t lose anyone while i was on a little break. this week we’re back at it and i have a few catch-up posts lined up as well as a few peeks inside our new home.

hello life // life is getting more settled now that we’ve been moved in for over a week. most everything has its place and has been either put away or put on a wall. now to fall into our regular routines in a completely different space.

hello house // this house is everything we have been longing for. each day we find ourselves saying how blessed we are. we truly are. 🙂 i have some house pics to blog about this week!

hello rain // what the what? thunderstorms are in the forecast for this morning and tonight. apparently april heat waves bring may showers.

hello run // i feel like is say this quite often in these monday posts. i guess monday feels like new years in that way, only you get a chance for a fresh start each week. i’ve let the past month of moving get in the way of focusing on eating well and exercising. but we’re settled now. we’re in. no need for eating outside the house and no reason not to take that 30 minute run when i get home.

have a great and sunny week!

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1 thought on “helloMONDAY”

  1. hello awesome girl!! I’m soooooo excited for your family and the new house! I can’t believe you’ve unpacked it all already and decorated. YOU GO GIRL!! Can’t wait to see some pictures of your new home. I’m sure you burned some calories with all the packing, cleaning, unpacking and moving so it’s ok that you didn’t have time to run. I love seeing Monday as a new fresh start, feel this way all the time.

    Enjoy your new home and the happiness that goes along with it. Sorry it’s raining there, we just had a week of summer temps that were gorgeous. This week back down in temps and the rain is on it’s way for Weds and the rest of the week, BOO!! I can’t tell you how happy that warm week made us though.

    Thanks for the update!

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