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weekly wrap up 2013 // week 16+17

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still playing a bit of catch up from april. ya ready?

week 16

tuesday | april 16:

so proud of my dude for being proud to be drug free. i pray he keeps this same attitude when he’s having everything shoved in his face.

love that he sports this #proudtobedrugfree bracelet. #gibsonnow

wednesday | april 17:

33 has been good to me so far. gonna keep that up for the rest of the year.

33 has been good to me so far. gonna keep that up for the rest of the year. #chucks #chucktaylors #33 #iwillprobablywearchuckswhenimfifty

thursday | april 18:

oh how the sun spills in.


it’s beginning to look a lot like moving…which means drive-thru dinners. and this is where i keep my atm card while i wait. πŸ™‚


friday | april 19:

took a day off work to do some personal stuff and preparation for the garage sale tomorrow. one thing was heading to my uncle’s house to pick up some things. mom and i got a large cabinet, a treadmill and a ladder in the back of my yukon. we rock at spacial organization!


signs are happening. soon we hang them around the ‘hood.

Prepping for the big moving sale tomorrow!!! Getting ready to hang up signs.

saturday | april 20:

and there ya have it, the moving sale. a ton of stuff went and we made about $500! anything that was leftover was hauled off to snowline hospice. i didn’t take anything back to the new house….felt so good!


sunday | april 22:

today is a full day of movie making. we have a car chase happening here.


just keeping the actors in the shade and comfortable.


just waiting for his scene.


take 4.


and that’s a wrap folks. the final scene was finished today! if you want to see SHIFT, here’s the link:


his good and patient attitude all day earned him some iPad time. his choice: tom &  jerry episodes on youtube.


and then i treated the boys to ice cream at thrifty’s.


week 17

monday | april 23:

now that SHIFT is in the can, gibson has been tasked to pack every day after school.

it's gettin' really real up in here. we get keys tomorrow and can start moving little stuff before the big move on saturday. #wontbeabletosleep #thegraymoveof2013

tuesday | april 24:

when my guy fill sup my gas tank, he also fills up my love tank.

when my guy fills up my gas tank, he also fills up my love tank. ❀

wednesday | april 25:

we got the keys today!! the paint looks perfect and marshall loves the room to run.


this is my bathroom mirror. the size is incredible, compared to what i had in the old house. and my favorite feature is the window. natural light and morning air are what i need when i’m getting ready for work.


ran over to ikea with my mom and the boys to pick up my craft desk and some other fun goodies!


inspiration for my bedroom came from the very first display in the store. i need to pick up that script fabric and instead of black pillows in the back, i want turquoise.


“don’t bother me, i’m working.”


marshall’s still afraid to get up there.

the boys' new treehouse! built by the talented @jerojo and @calebandrewj #thegraymoveof2013

thursday | april 25:

after work, mom, dad, the boys and i headed to the new house to assemble my desk, gibson’s new desk and work some other little things before we started really moving in.


@minifrantic putting together his new desk #PicTapGo #thegraymoveof2013

i’m so happy over here that i’m doing cartwheels.

I'm so happy in here that I'm actually doing cartwheels! #thegraymoveof2013

friday | april 26:

sometimes, when you need to prop open a door, you just need a target bag and an empty apple juice box. (my dad’s genius idea, becasue that’s how we roll.


making trips down the street. marshall counted and it is exactly 60 seconds between the old house and the new house. i made 3 full trips before 10am and we made a total of 16 trips on friday, just filling up the back of the yukon and getting boxes into the closets they belonged in. my mom is the best.


my new clock from ikea. it’s the very first thing i hung up.


saturday | april 27:

it’s moving day! here’s a tip i found on pinterest. it works with adult clothes too, but we used large hefty duty trash bags. this was a LIFESAVER!

pinterest idea for the win! the best and only way to move hanging clothes!

the friends who helped us move were rock stars! because of all the prep work we did, they got all the big stuff in easily. well, the piano took all 4 of them to lift and carry. we fed everyone pizza and are so grateful for the help!

gettin' there. #thegraymoveof2013

sunday | april 28:

today is a “put-away” day. figuring out where accessories will go is top on the list. πŸ˜‰


i still can’t believe this whole closet is mine. i don’t have to share. and when i install the shelf below, i’ll have even more space!


bathroom is done! those shelves are wooden spice racks from ikea that i picked up years ago. they still sell them!


my vintage collection of goodies is going up next!


so thankful that i kept my grams standing mixer. and it still works!!


these it is. (it’s changed a bit since i added my gram’s sifter)

my vintage kitchen wall turned out EXACTLY how I envisioned. is it weird if I just want to stare at it for the rest of the night? ❀❗

so many things on my list. and all the time i need! gonna make good use of my next two days off.

happy days!

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