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weekly wrap up 2013 // week 18+19+20

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week 18

monday | april 29:

eeeeek, it’s day 3 in the house and i have a list a mile long of to-do now stuff and things that are going to have to wait. the things that will have to wait unfortunately have a dollar sign next to them.


time for gibson to get that mop cut. so they play pool at the barber shop while we wait.


tuesday | april 30:

today we sent the boys off to school and spent only one hour at the old house, cleaning up. an hour. that’s all i was willing to give this hell hole. on our way out to drop the keys off, i snapped this picture of the trees that caused so much irritation. it’s kinda fitting that a nice patch of grey clouds lingered overhead. peace out frankwood. done with you.


then me and this guy went browsing for fabric after school. i took pics of some things i liked but didn’t find that perfect pattern. i will know it when i see it and i know what i want.


wednesday | may 1:

it’s my first day getting ready for work in the new house. this is weird. kinda throwing me off. things aren’t where they’ve been. the process is different. which slows me down. i’m like a machine sometimes and stuff like this makes me anxious. i’ll get over it. this house rocks. do you see the size of this mirror?


ahhhhh, hanging on the back patio with my little dude and my new chair.


oh, and i scored this new cup from walmart for $5. woot.


fresh flowers are brightening up the house, but it’s not like it needs it.


friday | may 3:

hey, how about i get back into the rhythm of #fmsphotoaday? yeah, now that things are settling in around here, i think i can have fun with it again. today, #morningroutine.


and sometimes, a little stones is all a girl needs.


my hair is getting so long, just wanted to document it.


saturday | may 4:

spent the day at my parent’s house, hanging with my sis and nieces. i wore this new bracelet my mama made. i told her i loved the navy and mint combo…i love this!


my fabric flowers went perfectly and it felt good to wear stuff i haven’t worn in a while.


they’ve grown up together, as much as cousins can who live in different cities . 8 months apart and so alike.



“look mom, i have a front pack AAAAAAND a back pack.”


aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaand, they’re out.


i’m not going 105 through town, but my spedometer says i am. according to my car, 60mph is the new idle.


sunday | may 5:

me and this gal have a date with a new duvet cover and a bed skirt.



ooooo, so happy about this!


and while we’re at it, here’s some snapshots from around the house.



“mommy, listen to my beautiful song!”


text messages from my papi are the best.


week 19:

monday | may 6:

these are my closet doors. they are ginormous. i will use them to take good pictures of my outfits. finally!!!



this necklace is the cat's meow. #michaels

tuesday | may 7:

marshall is dancing to gangnam style in the back seat. this kid cracks me up.


dropping gibson off at bible study. we are so blessed to have such a great church in our community.


the clouds and sunset were amazing tonight.


thursday | may 9:

an outfit out of pinsperation. i love when outfits come together like magic!

what I wore // white skinnies, denim button up, grey cami and silver flip-flops // found it on #pinterest #ootd #yestergram

kinda hate to brag, but gibson has been bringing home some incredibly good grades.

I sure hate to brag....buuuuuut, my kid brings home some darn good grades. #proudmama #hejustwantsminecrafttime #pictapgo_app

friday | may 10:

my view tonight (and for the last 3 nights) has been an elementary school play of the wizard of oz.


saturday | may 11:

the boys spent the night with their aunt and uncle and cousin and so what do we do with a kidless morning? sams and winco. that’s how we roll. but then we saw iron man 3 in 3D IMAX and redeemed ourselves. it was soooooo good.

when the kids are away, the adults.....go shopping. yay for not having to tell anyone to 'stop hanging on the cart' or 'no you can't get those cookies'.

it’s gonna be tough to get him to come home with me.


they had a blast, but marshall still wouldn’t get in the pool. we’ll get him there.


and this is what a 5 year old looks like who has been up late playing and up early and swimming and playing and has gone to the carnival and swam some more. this was exactly 3 minutes after we left their house. there was some serious drool happening too.


sunday | may 12:

it’s mother’s day and i get to be a mommy to these awesome kids.


with a month of fast food and eating like garbage, i have got to start fresh.


so after morning snuggles, i ran 2 miles. it’s been awhile, so i was winded. but it felt amazing!


and the boys were so sweet to take a mother’s day picture with me. the boys were sweet today and also agreed to a picture. that's really all I need. #momofboys #pictapgo_app

he’s sweet as pie.


week 20

monday | may 13:

i found this dress, all alone, during a mommy’s day shopping trip to old navy. i’m in love.

#ootd // dress from #oldnavy, navy cardi, turquoise belt and navy flats. nails to match, of course. #ilovebeingagirl

gibson got his grade back for his science project sci-fi story for which he and matt made a short film (which you can watch here). A+ !!!!!! Damn straight y’all. this kid (and everyone else) worked their tails off to make this movie and anything less than a perfect score would have been ridiculous. 🙂

way to go @minifantic , hard work does pay off! congrats on an a+ on your movie! shall we celebrate with ice cream?

#fmsphotoaday sunset. #fmsphotoaday // may 13: #sunset #nofilter #pictapgo_app

tuesday | may 14:

my new favorite snack // dipping cucumber into salsa instead of chips. it is SO good, a must try.

new favorite snack // cucumber (instead of chips) + salsa

new coral skinnies and earrings on today’s outfit. thankfully i have been working the muted colors into my wardrobe little by little that i finally have something to wear them with.

#ootd // coral skinnies from #oldnavy, floral ruffle top, cream lace cami, navy flats and coral earrings from #oldnavy #summerwardrobe

ikea is a big store and someone needs a break.


wednesday | may 15:

favorite salad lately // baby greens, fuji apple, crumbled turkey bacon, chicken, feta and raspberry vinaigrette. the. best. salad. ever.


another new top from old navy. been wanting the right striped shirt to come along. i have so many outfits planned with you already!

#ootd // black pencil skirt, b+w striped tee #oldnavy, tan belt, black flip-flops, black headband. I have been dying to wear this color combo! #ABeautifulMess

a whole week of disgustingly amazing weather and mother nature throws rain our way. thumbs down. oh yeah, the app is a beautiful mess by elsie + emma. you can download it for .99!

seriously thursday? rain? its been gorgeous for weeks and now its gonna rain? ugh. apparently may heat waves bring random rain showers. #stillgonnawearflipflops #abeautifulmess

thursday | may 16:

matt snapped this and set it to me while marshall ate lunch after school. he’s adorable.


friday | may 17:

sometimes, fluffy-dog needs to eat too.

sometimes fluffy-dog has to eat too.

saturday | may 18:

a morning run with a new playlist is the perfect way to start my crafty day with my mama.

a morning run with awesome tunes and sunshine! ☀ #rundrearun #latergram

marshall earned some time on his ds so he plugged it in and sat right down to play. and he was chilly so he grabbed his robe.

marshall in his sponge bob robe, playing DS in front of the window. enjoying some game time on a sunday morning. #thiskidknowshowtokickit #ABeautifulMess

i found it!!!!! at a quilt shop, of course. this is the fabric for my kitchen and dining room windows.

found the fabric I was looking for! these delicious threads will be for the kitchen/dining windows. #redismysignaturecolor #knewitwhenisawit #pictapgo_app

and after mom and i worked on project life and shopped for fabric and played with the boys, she left for home and i indulged.


sunday | may 19:

my parents treated my family and my sister’s family to a day at the ballpark. this is our local AAA team who feeds players to the A’s. my gram was an A’s fan! anyway, here’s how our day went!












gibson caught a ball in between innings!

gibson caught a ball between innings! #rivercatsbaseball #raleyfield





a fun day in the sun and we were all wiped out when we got home!

i hope you’re still awake, i know that was a lot. but hey, we’re all caught up now! that feels good!

have a super week!

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2 thoughts on “weekly wrap up 2013 // week 18+19+20”

  1. WOW!! LOVE THIS!! So fun to read all this and peeks at your new awesome house. All the outfits were amazing on you, can’t pick a favorite, they all ROCK!! Your boys are adorable, so nice to see all the pictures of them. I love baseball games, so fun to watch and cheer for your team.
    Thanks so much for sharing these!

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