weekly wrap up

weekly wrap up 2013 // week 21

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so many things are happening in our little family, as it should. little things of course. we are happy with little things. but a family should not stand still. we must keep moving forward! summer is near. time to have some fun!

monday | may 20:

after a month of fretting, today i am thankful to have been in the only group who was dismissed before ever being called in. i could not have handled jury duty this week. i think i will change my lucky number to 316. random, i know.


popsicles and bare feet.



and purple tongues.


brothers. can’t stand ’em, can’t live without ’em. can’t get a clear picture to save my life.


marshall decided to “swab the deck”.


i let the boys stay up past their bedtimes so they could play outside together until it got dark. yes folks, it was 8:25 and 81* when i snapped this.

enjoyed warm weather out back early this week and let the boys play past their bedtime. #latergram #summertime #brothers #instaweatherapp

tuesday | may 21:

it’s about that time. time for raspberry lemon water. add a couple slices of lemon and toss in a few frozen raspberries and you have a refreshing drink that takes away the sweet tooth urges. and it’s pretty. and i like pretty things.


tough and draining morning at work so i spent a little time and money on some retail therapy at lunch. picked up these new sunnies from tilly’s.


marshall has been begging to play with play-doh so i finally let him. the mess wasn’t too terrible.


having a hard time deciding on an outfit for tomorrow.

let’s see, it needs to be something i can stand in for 3+ hours, that will be comfortable for a 50 degree morning and an 85 degree lunchtime. oh yes, and it also needs to be professional, but not too professional because i’m meeting with machine shop guys. oh, and i need to feel good in it. like i need to not have one moment of regret about this outfit. not sure why that is, but this pretty much sums up how i’m feeling.

some days the outfits come easy, other days its a struggle. tonight is an 'other' night as I try to decide what to wear tomorrow. #blessedtoevenhaveclothes #itshouldntbethisdifficult #pictapgo_app

wednesday | may 22:

leanin’ to the side, but you can’t speed through. 2 miles an hour so everybody sees you. -dj jazzy jeff and the fresh prince.

special thanks to one of my favorite clients for having an awesome sign that made us crack up!

leanin' to the side but you can't speed through. 2 miles an hour so everybody sees you. #summertime #freshprince

thursday | may 23:

this is what my kid does in target. tries on ladies hats and twirls umbrellas.


just thankful he doesn’t like wearing the dresses that i buy. like this one that i scored on clearance for $14.


friday | may 24:

another social media break for me. just wanted some time, to not be worried about checking in or checking on anything.

it's another social media sabbatical. just a chance to put down the screens and #do something. enjoy your weekend! #socialmediabreak #thisgirlwantstodoprojects #ABeautifulMess

we NEED this!!


saturday | may 25:

morning snuggles with marsh


worked on some scrappy projects!


got to see star trek in 3D imax with my two guys! uh.MAZE.ing.


gibson got himself a blue lava lamp. it’s cool that these things are still around. i loved to sit and watch my gram’s red one.


sunday | may 26:

special delivery! we’re getting a new fridge today and it has ice and water on the outside which makes this ice water lovin’ gal super happy! gone are the days of buying bags of ice and then the eventual running out of ice. thanks to my parents for getting a new fridge and passing this darn near brand new one onto us.


marshall is helping my dad hook up the water line.


while mom and i recover my kitchen stool.


we had a fun weekend, full of craftiness and projects. these kinds of productive weekends make me happy! on the horizon are posts with more house details…looking forward to that!

did you work on anything fun this week?

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